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Hardcore hot hatch gets a limited-slip differential

What is it?

It’s the new, even more hardcore version of Honda’s Civic Type R, a hot hatch that has split opinion with its blend of high-revving 2.0-litre VTEC engine and ultra-stiff suspension.

The Championship White edition gets a lot of white paint, harking back to the original Integra Type R, but more importantly, it also features a limited-slip front differential.

What’s it like?

The Championship White edition builds on the strengths of the regular Type R, without really broadening their range. Which is to say that it will be more awesome than ever on a smooth race circuit, where the LSD can improve traction in slower corners.

On a B-road, though, the chronic lack of suspension movement is as noticeable as ever, and the diff just results in lurching progress as the front wheels skip over the surface.

It’s ultimately frustrating, particularly since the VTEC lump and slick six-speed gearbox feel beautifully paired. At least there’s no torque steer, mind, because there’s relatively little torque.

Should I buy one?

If you already love the Type R and desperately want to shave a few tenths off your lap time at track days, go right ahead. For everyone else, we’d still say that the Renaultsport Megane R26 is a more rounded, capable option.

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jammy_rex 17 November 2008

Re: Honda Civic Type R LSD

John McIlroy wrote:
overtaking can be heart-in-your-mouth stuff and the ride quality is, well, a pain, frankly.

Well, if you ran the Renault over a period of time, I am sure other factors such as the poor quality, flimsy-ness, electrical niggles and general reliability would annoy you far more than a knobbly ride...

And... why is overtaking such a heart-in-the-mouth experience? This is simply untrue if you are driving the car correctly!!! All that is required is to drop down 2 cogs using the fantasticly short throw gearbox (which is all part of the fun) before your manoeuvre; this drops you into the VTEC powerband which is as quick as riding on the torque of a turbo motor) giving you the speed that you require, then you get the bonus of the spine tingling engine note (which is beyond comparison with the bland & unsophisticated turbocharged Renault lump) . It really is no hardship, and part of what enthusiastic driving is all about!

Honest Paul 17 November 2008

Re: Honda Civic Type R LSD

fasthonda wrote:
is it fast or "well rounded"...?I'm afraid it is not both!

fasthonda (that took a bit of thinking up).

Why not, it's you, not Autocar, that talks biased, baseless trollop.

Not an ounce of credibilty in anything you say.

I'm sure there's plenty of 'Fast Honda' forums that are more to your liking.

julianphillips 17 November 2008

Re: Honda Civic Type R LSD

As someone who would be unlikely to drive either the Megane R26 or the Type R anywhere near to their limits on the road, there is something about the Type R that appeals to me way more than the Megane does. I don't find the ride to be too bumpy - I've put up with the bumpy rides of the Nissan 350Z, Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo in the past and the Type R is like a Citroen BX in comparison! Maybe its just the design, there don't seem to be that many of them about and it really looks the business when you see it in the flesh.