Whether you want a comfortable and easy drive, a big towing capacity, serious off-road ability or a cavernous cabin, the sub-£30k 4x4 class already caters for you.

But if you want genuinely athletic, absorbing handling, it doesn’t. Or it didn’t, until the Ford Ford Kuga arrived.

The Kuga plays Ford's familiar handling trump card

Crossovers like the Qashqai arguably offered something for keener drivers in need of added ‘utility’. But now the Kuga has become a fully fledged SUV, it has not only come of age but has also brought typical Ford-brand dynamism and poise to a segment that badly needs it. 

A Nissan X-Trail offers considerably more space, the possibility of seven seats and isn't much pricier, while if you have genuine need of a dual-purpose 4x4 for regular off-road use, you could spend your cash better elsewhere.

But we like the Ford Kuga’s blend of the abilities, those which you might look for in an SUV. And since the facelift in 2016 the equipment levels have been given a much needed boost making the Kuga a truly compelling choice amongst its closest rivals.

More importantly, we rate it. And if you’re a regular reader of this website, we expect you will too. 


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