Nice engine, but the 607 is not exactly at the cutting edge of executive saloons. That siad, it is well-priced and stacked to the gunwhales with kit.
14 September 2006

What is it? Peugeot's ageing 607 executive saloon, with a new twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine under the bonnet. Peugeot claims that having two turbos and four cylinders in a diesel is a world first, but we drove sister firm Citroen's C5 with the same engine back in July. Admittedly the new C5 isn't on sale here yet, but it does exist. What's it like? The engine's great. It's remarkably smooth and quiet (for a diesel) from start-up, even when cold. You don't get the all-or-nothing power delivery of old-school single-turbo diesels. Instead, power comes in a seamless surge. The lack of drama means it doesn't feel that grunty, but with 277lb ft from just 1500rpm, and 170bhp at 4000rpm, it's not short of shove. From rest 60mph comes up in an unspectacular 9.3sec, but then you don't buy an executive saloon to indulge in traffic-light burnouts. More significant is the in-gear shove. We don't have any more performance figures, but you won't need to swap cogs on the motorway. That's lucky, because there is no automatic gearbox available (yet, though one may be offered within the year), and the standard six-speed manual isn't the smoothest shifter around. We can't help but feel that anyone after a big luxury saloon will demand a self-shifter, especially as the 607 is more cruiser than focused driving machine: the ride is comfy, verging on wallowing and the steering could use more feel. Still, you're spoiled for toys – the only option on the 607 is the choice of exterior colour (and there are only five of those). It comes as standard with everything from electric leather seats, colour sat-nav, xenon lights, a JBL hi-fi and parking sensors to an electrically operated bootlid, and all for £26,495. Should I buy one? The HDi 170 costs only £1500 more than the 2.0-litre 136 HDi, has C02 emissions that are only 8g/km higher, at 170g/km, similar fuel economy at 44.1mpg combined (compared to 46.3mpg) and much better performance. We'd say it's the pick of the 607 range (the 3.0V6 petrol having a desirable auto 'box, but undesirably high C02 emissions and a £29,040 list price). Rory Lumsdon

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