The Ferrari 488 Pista offers an on-track driving experience of incredible pace, and handling poise that’s more enticing than anything we’ve seen in recent years from Lamborghini, McLaren or even Porsche.

It may not have smashed the McLaren Senna’s dry handling track lap record, and it may not be quicker into three figures than a McLaren 720S – but by prioritising accessibility and vivacity of driver appeal, it arguably beats its rivals for sheer excitement and instant fun factor, without perhaps beating all of them for deep-lying driver reward.

Unmatched in on-track handling vivacity, but not in all other ways

Compared with its direct predecessor, the car’s greatness will be debated long and hard. The 458 Speciale was less brutal, but the major components of its driving experience seemed more harmoniously balanced. The 488 Pista is faster and more visceral, but it’s different: as though the engine and chassis are in competition for superstar status rather than acting in perfect harmony. You, as the driver, feel like you are the glue holding everything together – and having a whale of a time in the process.

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