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710bhp supercar replaces the 488 GTB; makes its public debut at the Geneva motor show
Mark Tisshaw
3 mins read
5 March 2019

The new Ferrari F8 Tributo will be the most powerful mid-engined V8 Ferrari series production supercar yet produced.

The 488 GTB replacement, which made its debut at the Geneva motor show,  gets a new 710bhp version of Ferrari’s 3.9-litre V8 engine, which is a 49bhp upgrade on the 488 GTB, and the same output as the limited-run 488 Pista and also that of the car’s biggest rival, the McLaren 720S.

Ferrari claims there have been “improvements across the board…providing even better control on the limit along with greater on-board comfort” between the 488 GTB and the new F8 Tributo, a name that is a homage to the engine that powers it.

Driving the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the 90-degree V8 engine is the real star of the new supercar. As well as the power boost, torque is up 9lb ft to 568lb ft.

The twin-turbocharged engine, which Ferrari claims operates “without the slightest hint of turbo lag”, helps propel the F8 Tributo from 0-62mph time in 2.9sec (0.1sec faster than the 488 GTB), 0-124mph in 7.8sec and a top speed of 211mph. The 0-62mph time matches the 720S while the 0-124mph time is 0.1sec faster. The Ferrari’s top speed is just 1mph shy of its great Woking rival.

Ferrari is also talking up the improved aerodynamics of its new supercar, which brings with it the first iteration of a new design language that aims to marry high performance and aerodynamics efficiency. Aerodynamic efficiency is improved by 10% over the 488 GTB.


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In the styling, there is a nod to the iconic F40 in the louvres of the clear screen over the engine, and a return to twin rear light clusters in a look inspired by the 1975 308 GTB. There are also carryovers from the Pista, including the rearward-angled front radiators and rear air intakes. The S-duct air intake is also redesigned over the 488 Pista, with the amount of downforce it helps produce increased by 15%.

Brake cooling is also improved with new intakes thanks to redesigned LED headlights. This improved cooling prevents the need for larger brakes to be fitted to cope with the extra performance.

The 4611mm long, 1979mm wide and 1206mm high supercar is again built around an aluminium architecture, and the weight of the car has been reduced by 40kg over the 488 GTB to weigh 1330kg dry. That weight is 47kg more than the 720S, which is built around a carbonfibre architecture.

The latest version of Ferrari's Side Slip Angle Control ‘controlled slide’ system is another feature of the F8 Tributo, as is new version of Ferrari Dynamic Enhanced called FDE+ that now works in the Race mode of the Manettino  drive mode selector and makes on the limit handling more predictable.

The completely redesigned cabin of the F8 Tributo features a thinner-rimmed steering wheel to improve feel for the driver. The steering wheel controls are also overhauled, and a new 7in touchscreen for infotainment features, too.

Ferrari has yet to confirm pricing or availability for its new supercar, but expect a price north of £200,000 and UK deliveries in about a year based on past launches.


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28 February 2019


28 February 2019
Not 720 hot, but still bloody hot!

28 February 2019

I think it's the best looking Ferrari since the 355.

28 February 2019
JnrMofo wrote:

I think it's the best looking Ferrari since the 355.

Can’t agree more. The first Ferrari since the F355 I’ve really gone all funny over ! Looks amazing.

28 February 2019

Zigactly. All the niggly things that made the GTB just not quite so cool as the Pista are fixed. Absolutly love it. Have to sell the house.



28 February 2019

very nice ,will have to save up.

28 February 2019

What an evolution of an already good looking car!


28 February 2019
Whilst a truly stunning motor which I would do have, it does appear that the mid engined V8 Ferrari is becoming a Corrolla being replaced (it seems anyway!!) every 4 years!!

28 February 2019
Cheltenhamshire wrote:

Whilst a truly stunning motor which I would do have, it does appear that the mid engined V8 Ferrari is becoming a Corrolla being replaced (it seems anyway!!) every 4 years!!

The inability to edit on this forum is hateful.

I would love to have I clearly meant!

28 February 2019

In the same way that a Golf evolves, this is just an evolution of the 488 Pista, which in turn was an evolution of the 488, which was an evolution of the 458 Speciale, which was an evolutio of the 458.

There is very little difference in overall shape between this car and the 458. The last big change was from 430 to 458.

The evolution is not as slow as a 911, but like the evolution of the Golf, it's pretty boring. 


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