From £252,7659

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

If this section looks more truncated than normal, that’s because it’s somewhat academic. As is so common with limited-series Ferraris, the Pista sold out very soon after its announcement to the buying public in 2018. That’s in spite of having been priced at a healthy premium compared with some rivals.

This car was always likely to be a very canny buy, just as its predecessor was. And so it has proved, with a few of the ‘delivery mileage’ Pistas on the secondhand market being offered at prices approaching £400,000.

The Pista is an incredible driver’s car and one to celebrate and cherish. To my mind, it’s not the very best of its kind that Maranello has ever built – but I’d still be hard pressed to choose between one and a McLaren 600LT

Ferrari also looks after the ownership equation of its cars very well these days, offering a four-year warranty that can be extended at extra cost right the way to 15 years, and throwing in seven years of scheduled servicing for free.

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