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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

With the list price of £143,500 rising rapidly to more than £180,000 with the fitment of options such as the rear wing, sports exhaust, windscreen and special paint, by any objective assessment the Dallara Stradale is expensive for a device propelled by nothing more exotic than a four-cylinder turbo engine from Ford.

Except it isn’t that simple. These cars are unlikely to depreciate much and may even rise in value as time goes by. Low volumes will help and, with only 600 examples destined to see the light of day, the Stradale is comparable to the McLaren Senna in terms of exclusivity and rarer than big-ticket specials such as the Porsche 918 Spyder. The significance of the project is also likely to generate interest for years to come. The long-awaited Stradale arrives at a time when Gian Paolo Dallara, one of the finest engineer-entrepreneurs of a particularly fine generation, is in the twilight of his career. The company has also cooled speculation concerning the development of any more road-legal models.

Our test car was fitted with Dallara’s sports exhaust, which barks and booms off-throttle. It stymies engine power a fraction, but we’d still have it.

But while most examples will enter collections – negating the need for owners to be choosy – the Stradale isn’t without stern competition. For use predominantly on track, we would find it difficult to look beyond the BAC Mono, while the Elemental RP1 would cost significantly less but offer a similar thrill. There is then Lotus, whose more hardcore Exige and 3-Eleven models also cost less than the Dallara and need no further introduction.

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