From £38,970
Appealing, competent and an admirably different exec. But strewth, £38k?

What's new?

For different reasons, we could implore you to both buy and avoid the Citroën C6, which we’ve just driven in the UK for the first time.

What's it like?

It’s an intriguing car, in many respects an excellent one. Let’s start with the ride. The C6’s hydro-pneumatic, electronically controlled suspension is supple and forgiving around town. It firms up as speeds rise, so surface imperfections bump through to the cabin on the motorway, but overall the ride is among the most isolated of any car you can buy today.

The steering is an acquired taste – light in the extreme at low speeds, it firms as speed rises or when you tackle a bend. It’s a little unresponsive around the straight ahead before quickening after a few degrees of turn, so needs regular adjustments on the motorway.

Otherwise, it has fine cruising credentials: the V6 turbodiesel is as creamy and refined, albeit not quite as quiet here as it is in the Jag S-type, while the cabin is huge and cosseting.

The front seats are extremely comfortable, although the steering column could use a greater range of adjustment, while interior design and materials are largely appealing, though it’s disappointing that an executive car has to share its column stalks with the C2 supermini.

Should I buy one?

Especially when you realise how much you have to fork out for it. The 2.7 diesel starts at £31,500 and our aptly named Exclusive test car, which doesn’t justify the extra premium, costs £37,800.

That’s more than a BMW 535d SE, Jaguar S-Type 2.7D SE (by five grand), Mercedes E320 CDI; even a Range Rover Sport 2.7D. Exclusivity is guaranteed.

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