The Citroën C4 is one of those cars that’s quite easy to knock along with, offsetting its shortcomings against its talents and concluding that Citroën has had a perfectly reasonable stab at it.

And the notion will stay in your head until you think of the Volksagen Golf, Ford Focus, Hyundai i30, Seat LeonRenault Megané or Peugeot 308 you might buy for similar money, at which stage the idea of a C4 will flee pretty smartly and never return. 

The C4 is worth a look, but its rivals offer more appealing and complete packages

In most instances, the C4 competes, but with the exception of the usefully large boot, there aren’t any truly stand-out features. The interior is pleasing enough and offers class competitive space.

Quality is also another step up for Citroën, but then everyone else in the class is improving at a similar rate. There’s plenty of kit on board and some interesting big-car options, but Ford has taken class leadership on that score.

When it comes to economy and CO2, the C4 is again pretty average, but some way off the class standards set by the economy minded VW Golf models.

While the C4 has admirable static qualities that will doubtless sell cars, out on the road there is not enough to commend it in the face of such able opposition. For all its modern looks, the car beneath is too conservative and too lacking in ambition to compete here.


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