From £13,380
A refined and accomplished rival for the Golf and Focus; pricing must be keen, though
28 November 2010

What is it?

The family hatchback market is highly competitive at the best of times, but right now it's looking about as tough as it gets. Even before considering any crossover alternatives, not only do we have the omnipresent Volkswagen Golf and a new Ford Focus just around the corner, but for the first time in a long while there's a credible stylish alternative from Alfa Romeo, too.

So if Citroën's new C4 is to stand out in a very congested and talented crowd it will need to be good. Here, we are testing it in the UK for the first time, fitted with the most powerful diesel engine (a 2.0-litre with 148bhp). And it is a fine engine – on paper not as torquey as VW's or Ford's 2.0-litre units but, in reality, punchy, easy to use and impressively refined. The six-speed gearbox (the only option with this engine) represents an improvement on the slack imprecision of the previous-generation C4's, even if it is not exactly what we’d call positive.

What's it like?

In ride and handling terms, Citroën's priority was to deliver a comfortable and safe family car rather than something that might cater for the wishes of the enthusiast driver, which is entirely understandable. Even if we'd prefer the controls (pedal weights and electrically assisted steering) to be more inspiring, there is no doubting that it is a stable car, with sufficient grip.

What's disappointing, though, is that comfort, while acceptable, is far from exceptional. In isolation, there is enough compliance in the suspension to smooth even large bumps and sharp edges, but when asked to cope with a series of bumps in quick succession, or in conjunction with lateral loads, the suspension is found wanting, resulting in either a poorly controlled primary ride or steering kickback.

The cabin feels both more substantial and less gimmicky than previous Citroëns, the architecture contoured and interestingly designed. There's also reasonable adjustment in the seat and steering column, but the broad centre tunnel rests uncomfortably against your left leg.

But the further back in the car you travel, the better the news. Rear accommodation is acceptable, while boot space (rear seats in place) betters that of both the Focus and Golf. That is, assuming you don't opt for the optional Denon hi-fi upgrade (fitted here) which eats into the boot cavity.


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Should I buy one?

The 2.0 HDi C4 is available only in top-spec Exclusive trim, at a cost of £21,495. Although this buys plenty of equipment as standard, this is relatively full pricing from Citroën. A Golf GT 2.0 TDi 140 is £21,380, a current Focus in Titanium trim is £19,095, while £21,195 buys the more powerful Giulietta 2.0 JDTm, albeit in mid-spec Lusso spec.

If the C4 was the only car you could ever drive, few would find fault with it, for by most standards it is a good product. However, in this slice of the market the class average has moved beyond being merely good.

Whether it is the Focus, Golf, Giulietta, Hyundai i30 or Skoda Octavia, each has a compelling reason to recommend it, and the unfortunate fact for the C4 is that, boot space aside, it offers little to catch our attention. And even then the Skoda is more spacious.

Jamie Corstorphine

Citroen C4 2.0 HDi Exclusive

Price: £21,495; Top speed: 126mph; 0-62mph: 8.6sec; Economy: 56.5mpg (combined); CO2: 130g/km; Kerb weight: 1501kg; Engine: 4 cyls in line, 1997cc, turbodiesel; Power: 148bhp at 3750rpm; Torque: 218lb ft at 2000rpm; Gearbox: 6-spd manual

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6 December 2010

I know this isn't the most exciting looking car in the world, but I much prefer the front grille arrangement to the gaping versions on the C1, C3 and DS3 models. Hopefully Citroen will continue with this trend.

6 December 2010

Probably that price has been set so they can immediately offer it without VAT and a couple of grand off in normal Citroën fashion

6 December 2010

Sounds completely uninspired (and uninsiring) Prediction? 3 stars when fully tested

6 December 2010

The review talked a lot about C4's ride, but hardly anything about its handling! Maybe the magazine article - usually more detailed - will have something on that score.

Either way, nearly 22 grand for a diesel Citroen hatch, however well equipped, seems ridiculous. If they slice 5 grand of that price, it might start to make sense. Otherwise fogitaboutit.

Having said that. I'm looking forward to reading what the DS4, which looks more funky, is like.

6 December 2010

I fear this is going to be a repeat of the Xsara for Citroen. Nice enough to look at, but not exactly unusual, nor is it class-leading in any area. At least the previous C4 was ultra-stylish and full of technology!

6 December 2010

Not the most inspiring looking car for one of the most challenging sectors in the market. The only saving grace is that it can be quite a conservative sector so bland does not necessary mean no sales.

6 December 2010

I'm thinking it's been intentionally 'blandified', in order to make the DS4 and upcoming 'simple but youthful but not cheap' brands sufficiently distinct.

Shame really, as for me all Citroens should stand out. Surely they could not bother with the C4 at all. They could cover the more unadventurous market with the Peugeot 30x, and just have the DS4 and a simple yet trendy 'yoof' model.

...staring into the distance, thinking of DS23s and XMs....

6 December 2010

Mini1 wrote the following post at Dec 06, 2010 12:55 PM:

I fear this is going to be a repeat of the Xsara for Citroen. Nice enough to look at, but not exactly unusual, nor is it class-leading in any area. At least the previous C4 was ultra-stylish and full of technology!

Yes indeed I agree but at least the Xsara was good fun to drive . What I have read and heard so far about the new C4 is its rather dull and boring to drive . They should have at least kept the unique steering wheel that they had on the C4 .

6 December 2010

Far too expensive, wait 6 months and buy from a car supermarket with massive discounts, residuals are not normally Citroen's strong point. The main thing Citroen's used to have over their rivals was great ride comfort, if this is compromised it could actually lose them sales.

Incidentally is this engine not the same at the Ford engine?

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