From £14,220
Decent budget family car but some rivals are better
13 November 2009

What is it?

This is the new entry-level diesel Chevrolet Cruze, which in lowest trim drops the price to below £14k for a Focus-sized diesel family car.

What's it like?

Functional, which is what you expect given that the Cruze majors on affordability rather than flair. The 123bhp engine is quite noisy at idle and around-town speeds, settling into a more easily ignored thrum at motorway speeds.

The narrow power band also disappoints, and you have to work the gears hard if you don't want to find yourself stuck below 1300rpm with almost no acceleration available until the turbo kicks in.

But for this price the Cruze is a practical, economical and comfortable car. The quite decent interior quality and reasonable spec that includes rear parking sensors as standard in this LS trim is also something many buyers will appreciate.

Should I buy one?

There are equally affordable cars, such as the Kia Cee'd 1.6 CRDI, that are better to drive and have a more practical hatchback body. We would recommend this or the Hyundai i30 over the Cruze, but still, the 125 VCDI is a well-priced and usable family car.


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13 November 2009

Is this an Insignia? The interior sure looks familiar.

13 November 2009

Where did they source the engine from? The specs don't look like any GM Europe units (the 2.0 in the Insignia is a higher output, or the 150). Although the "range topper" does seem very similar to the Insignia/Captiva/Antara specs. Are Chevrolet (US) now responsible for tuning the diesels? That would be like getting a blind, deaf, dumb man without hands to write an insturction manual on putting gloves on...

13 November 2009

The main problem I have with these Chevrolets is that horrible, cheap gold badge.....

13 November 2009

I wouldn't mind having this badge on a new Camaro V8. Or a Corvette.

14 November 2009

The Cheap Gold Badge is about American Herritage, well on a Korean car.

If you want Korean, get the more powerful C'eed or Forte-Depending on which market you live in. With the badge of Superior Korean Quality, and not Inferior Korean American outsourcing quality.

14 November 2009

Come on Hyundai Smoke I'm curious . Do you actually work for Hyundai ?

14 November 2009

Nope, I just realize how good their products are.

10 Years ago I was hard on my luck and was given and American Spec Accent=More Power, More Options as a Gift, and it was a damm good car. I beat that thing up and took it all over the North American Continent. I traded it in 2007 for the 07 Model. The 07 Model is only 3 billion times better.

The Aftermarket parts are easier to find, and Hyundai has a Luxury Tuning Company that mostly Caters to the NKAC (North American Korean Australian Market) , however they are starting to sell things for the i10 and i20 as well. My Accent is specially made to look like a car from a young budding Luxury maker.

14 November 2009

You are certainly very loyal to an up and coming brand mate.

I have to say I am not as avid about a brand as you as I like to chop and change.


Does Skoda sell in the states as that is a European brand that has improved immearurably in the past . Used to be terrible but could well out VW for quality and value soon. Might be worth a look.

Whatever keep smiling :)

14 November 2009

I like this car, I am not sure why. It seems very good value when you compare it to the Focus/Golf/Astra diesels, (£18k v £14k) with a discount you could probably nab one for £12k new.

I drove a Cee'd very recently whilst looking for a replacement for a 55 plate Focus and was unbeleivably disappointed, the car looks superb IMO but it's just soooo cheap inside, combine that with an indicator switch on the incorrect stalk, steering that had absolutely zero connection with the front wheels and a ride that makes Audi product seem limo-like and we ran away.

Not driven a Cruze but even with compromises I would hope it is a step forward over the Cee'd.

Perception that Kia/Hyundai have caught up with Ford/VW/Vauxhall etc is only perception in my opinion, they are much better than they were but not close enough, a budget brand is all about compromise IMO.

14 November 2009

[quote HyundaiSmoke]The Cheap Gold Badge is about American Herritage, well on a Korean car[/quote] Oh, the irony. What is the Forte (terrible name, harks back to a really bad chain of 'motels' in UK)? Is it that 2002 Camry rip-off, i mean throw back. Well, if you can't beat them, you may as well join 'em! [quote HyundaiSmoke]With the badge of Superior Korean Quality, and not Inferior Korean American outsourcing quality.[/quote] Now I know you are having a larff....aren't both of these forms of transportation for the poor built in Korea? Just that Uncle Sam gets to glue some bling to the front of one of them? I still can't get over these new front ends, they look like a really bland far eastern monobox that has been 'pimped' up by some 17 year old and a £500 Halfords voucher. That little hatch thing I see buzzing around really looks odd, still it distracts from the Iceland bags on the back seat...


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