The BMW 4 Series isn’t a car with one outstanding selling point; instead, it has many highly convincing ones.

This isn’t a sports car, remember, not in the truest sense. It’s actually a slightly more athletic version of the car that has to score nine out of 10 on everything: the 3 Series saloon. So it’s a moustachioed Daley Thompson to a Porsche Cayman S’s Usain Bolt: fast but flexible, with the stamina for distance and the adaptability for any number of roles.

There's still too much potential to get the specification wrong; get it right and your 4 Series will be brilliant

BMW has not sold us short in promising something special with the new 4 Series coupé. It has created a great-looking car with an ability to carry four in comfort and deliver the sort of engaging dynamism and soothing mechanical refinement we have come to expect from a car wearing the blue and white roundel.

And yet what surprised us – and disappointed us a little – was that the car feels more the junior 6 Series than the added-amusement 3 Series. Its ability to cover ground in rich, quick and comfortable fashion is more convincing than its capacity to slice delicately through a corner.

On performance, desirability, usability, comfort and more, this is a seriously accomplished product that merits its top billing.

But the BMW 4 Series may be just the merest hint too mature for its own good. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing as the latest generation Audi A5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé will testify.

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