Unfortunately it’s impossible for us to give the Mulsanne a class-leading recommendation. Its chassis imposes an unavoidable compromise in that it doesn’t have the pillowy ride or authoritative shock absorption of the most comfortable saloons. For a £200k Bentley limousine, that’s a big loss.

What the Mulsanne gains as part of that compromise is exactly what distinguishes it from almost every other four-door of its size, and that’s real credibility as a driver’s car.

You have to pay extra for adaptive cruise control and a rear-view parking camera

Much as the Jaguar XJ does in the class below, the Mulsanne offers the owner-driver a truly enjoyable experience at the wheel. Most owners of this kind of car will prioritise refinement over driver appeal, so we must mark the Mulsanne down. But if your taste is for a sporting drive whatever type of car it comes in, the Mulsanne could well be the best luxury saloon in the world.