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The Q7's air suspension copes well with UK roads, though it can be caught out; the 3.0-litre TDi fails to shift the car's bulk with much verve.

What’s new? Audi has put its four-wheel-drive know-how into its first ‘proper’ off-roader. Two models will be available in July: this 3.0-litre V6 diesel (predicted to be the biggest seller in range-topping S-line trim) and a direct-injection 4.2-litre petrol V8. All versions get seven seats as standard.What’s it like? Very good and very large. This is the first time we’ve driven the Q7 on the UK’s tatty roads and the standard air suspension gives a mostly supple ride, although large intrusions fox the system. It’s also a surprisingly wieldy machine, helped by the accurate car-like steering and a 40/60 front-rear torque split, as in the RS4.The V6 diesel is a splendidly grunty engine, but it struggles to shift the Q7’s massive bulk with real conviction – the petrol version is noticeably brisker. Still, the Q7 offers the commanding seating position 4x4 buyers love and a fabulously appointed interior.Should I buy one? If you need space for seven in your road-biased 4x4, then yes. Just make sure you’ve got room to park it and that you can live with the looks.Barnaby Jones

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