The A5 Sportback was never going to lack technological sophistication or premium refinement, or feel anything less than supremely well engineered.

And yet, while Ingolstadt seems to set itself ever-higher standards and lead us to expect ever-greater technical brilliance from every new product, this particular Audi has still taken us by surprise.

Mid-sized sleek exec is still short of a selling point beyond its style

The multi-talented turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine makes it perfectly positioned to take advantage of the mood to ditch diesel that’s becoming so prevalent.

It also makes this A5 genuinely evocative of the silken executive options that forged Germany’s reputation for superior car making some 40 years ago.

But for this car, for our money, that’s still not quite cutting the mustard.

Appealing style undoubtedly played a bigger part in the overall appeal of the last A5 Sportback than either perfected executive-car usability or genuine driver engagement.

We were hoping for a better-executed vision of a new-age executive car and for more reasons to consider this the definitive mid-sized Audi.

But it seems the stylish A5 still has some maturing to do, which is why the A5 has the edge over the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, but lags behind the Jaguar XE, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé and Alfa Romeo Giulia.


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