The A5 Sportback starts at £32,365 for a manual, front-drive SE with the 188bhp 2.0 TDI Ultra engine.

As it does elsewhere in Audi’s line-up, this version, employing different gear ratios, low-resistance tyres and optimised aerodynamics, is intended to wring every last ounce of efficiency from the car, and succeeds in whittling the CO2 and combined economy down to 108g/km and 64.2mpg respectively.

Popularity may work against the A5 here. CAP predicts a steeper decline than either rival from BMW or Mercedes

Fit the S tronic gearbox and you’ll get 106g/km and 68.9mpg – only marginally less than the same mechanical combination achieves in the A4.

Crucially, though, because you can’t have the 188bhp Ultra in SE trim in the saloon, you’ll only pay a £1k premium to have the entry-level (but not poorly equipped) Sportback. The BMW 420d SE Gran Coupé is virtually the same money and offers much the same efficiency.

Similarly, the 2.0 TFSI tested is comparable to the four-door 430i, with the Audi’s 47.9mpg playing the BMW’s 48.7mpg – albeit with the Gran Coupé only powering its rear axle.

With True MPG testing unavailable, we recorded 30.6mpg as an average and 41.1mpg on a touring run. Buy the middle-of-the-road Sport trim for £39,575 and you’ll even avoid the new £40k VED supplementary rate due on 1 April. 


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