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The original baby Range Rover has now dropped to £10k. We take a look

Whether you viewed Land Rovers back in 2011 as terrifically versatile, upmarket off-roaders and the supreme achievement of the British motor industry or as pretentious and unreliable pieces of tin masquerading as luxury cars, you will still have come away impressed from your first encounter with the then new Evoque.

It was a towering achievement. Launched at just the right time to capitalise on the increase in demand for SUVs, it soon became Land Rover’s best-seller, with buyers drawn to its chunky good looks and premium badge. They also liked its clear potential for off-road high jinks, a corollary of the clever tech it inherited from its larger siblings.

Now, with used prices starting from just £10k, it looks even more attractive. Most of them are powered by diesel, although you’ll also find a few with a 237bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine. Initially, there were 2.2-litre diesel units with 148bhp (eD4 in front-wheel-drive form, TD4 with four-wheel drive) or 187bhp in the four-wheel-drive SD4. The lower-powered models came with a six-speed manual gearbox, whereas the SD4 had the option of a six-speed automatic (later replaced by a nine-speed auto to improve efficiency).

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After a facelift in 2015, the Evoque adopted Jaguar Land Rover’s new 2.0-litre diesel engines, producing 148bhp in eD4 guise, 178bhp in the TD4 and 237bhp in the SD4.

Originally, the Evoque’s trims were Pure, Prestige and Dynamic. After the facelift, the range was brought into line with other Range Rover models, working through SE, SE Tech, HSE Dynamic and HSE Dynamic Lux to range-topping Autobiography.

In the earlier Evoques, the eco-minded 2.2 eD4 was a little sluggish, and so was the TD4. The more powerful SD4 got along well enough, although rivals such as the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 were lighter and felt more effervescent. However, the extra power brought to the TD4 in the facelift meant its combination of performance and fuel economy was good enough to make the SD4 seem superfluous.

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Today, the Evoque is dynamically still good enough for most tastes, with eager steering and a decent ride on the smaller wheels and, of course, it’s an ideal size for the school run.

However, accommodation is a mixed bag. Front-seat occupants will appreciate the sleek design and the commanding seating position, but those behind them will feel a little short-changed for space in both the five-door and the less practical three-door. The boot is pretty poky, too.

Used Evoques start at around £10,000, but spend £13,000-£14,000 to secure an average-mileage one with a full service history. Up your budget to £18,000 for a late, pre-facelift 2015 car, or £19,000-£20,000 for a post-facelift Evoque.



Engine Issues with the diesel particulate filter are well documented. Check the engine oil level (too high suggests its being diluted by excess fuel from frequent regen cycles) and that the warning light is not illuminated. Scrutinise the engine for oil leaks. 

Transmission Especially on earlier six-speed autos, check changes are smooth. Regarding manual cars, the stop-start system can cause the dual mass flywheel to fail prematurely, a condition felt as a vibration thought the clutch pedal. A flywheel that is imbalanced will vibrate the pedal. Check the four-wheel drive system is working by parking one side of the vehicle on grass and the other on hard ground and accelerating. If the wheels on the grass slip, there's a problem with the Haldex coupling or traction controls 

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Electrics Faults here are well documented so be sure everything right down to the USB socket, works as it should. Engine electronics also suffer.

Suspension Listen for graunches and knocks over irregular roads.

Steering Check there are no unusual noises or vibration as you twirl the wheel from lock to lock.

Tyres These aren't cheap so check they have plenty of depth or negotiate accordingly.

Body Check the underside for grounding. The Evoque may wear the famous badge but it's no off-roader. Check the gaps around the tailgate aren't too irregular. It's an alignment issue that can cause the reversing camera to display not quite the full picture.

Interior Check the sat nav and air con work. Problems with both are well documented. Drive over rough ground to check the integrity of fixtures and fittings. 


Need to know

Recalls have been issued for fuel leaks, short circuits and suspension issues, as well as for the front passenger airbag not deploying in an accident. Contact your local dealer to find out if your car was affected.

The Evoque didn’t fare well in the most recent What Car? Reliability Survey, coming 23rd in a group of 25 SUVs. Land Rover as a brand did even worse, finishing in last place out of 31 manufacturers.

Fixed-price servicing options range from £330 for an interim service every year or 16,000 miles, to £440 for a 32,000-mile/ two-year major service.

Our pick

2.0 TD4 SE Tech: We’d seek out the more refined 2.0 TD4 version. We’d also step up one rung from entry-level SE to SE Tech trim, because it adds 12-way electrically adjustable front seats and sat-nav.

Wild card

2.0 SD4 HSE Dynamic Lux: In the real world, the HSE Dynamic Lux has all the equipment you’ll probably need, with keyless entry, a surround camera system, a dual-view touchscreen and a panoramic sunroof.

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Ones we found

2011 Range Rover Evoque 2.2 TD4 Pure AWD, 96,000 miles, £10,995

2015 Range Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 SE Tech AWD, 18,256 miles, £22,900

2019 Range Rover Evoque 2.0 Si4 HSE Dynamic AWD, 1212 miles, £39,990


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