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bowsersheepdog 27 August 2017

Cackett's gone, Cropley next, please

Typical Cropley rubbish.  Firstly, no Ford should ever be featured in a category which emphasizes luxurious qualities, unless as a counterpoint to illustrate how poorly they can be done.  Secondly, and more importantly, the idea of an "under ten thousand pounds" budget category isn't to dip as narrowly beneath that figure as possible.  Only one of the "we'd pay" selections is under nine grand, and that's eight-and-a-half.  There are plenty of options for a couple of thousand quid, including earlier versions of the S-class and LS, which could have been highlighted, besides the likes of the Rover 75 another poster has already mentioned.

Bishop 21 August 2017


I know it received a mention in another 'top 10' the other week, but still, with its huge, multi-adjustable seats, low window line, huge glass-area, soft-diffuse air-con and oleopneumatic ride, the C6 surely should be mentioned here.

Bob Cholmondeley 21 August 2017

Come on maties at Autocar, no

Come on maties at Autocar, no big hydropnuematic Citroén?