Currently reading: My Week In Cars: New Steve Cropley/Matt Prior podcast (ep. 17)
The lads wonder whether cars can be too fast, defend the Qashqai and talk Harry Dunn's family's fight for justice

Episode 17 of My Week In Cars brings you closer to Matt Prior and Steve Cropley's weekly Autocar columns. This week they wonder what to make of a 4 tonne SUV that can hit 60mph in four seconds, defend the Nissan Qashqai against those who say 'it's for people who don't like cars', and pay their admiration to the family of Harry Dunn, the Northants teenager killed in 2019, who have finally obtained justice after three and a half years.

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Nissan's second crossover album goes platinum, but a light refresh and some added extras have to hold off the Qashqai from the Seat Ateca and Skoda Kodiaq

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