Nissan is readying hydrogen fuel cell technology, demonstrated in its Terra concept for the Paris motor show
Julian Rendell
27 September 2012

Nissan is building on the launch of the electric Leaf with a new fuel cell concept, the Terra, revealed at the Paris motor show.

Sized between the Juke and the Qashqai, the Terra is being billed as a technology demonstrator that shows “Nissan is ready to mass-produce fuel cell electric vehicles whenever hydrogen becomes widely available”.

Nissan is playing down the significance of the Terra’s chunky and angular styling and aggressive squared-off wheel arches, which it describes as “modern toughness”.

However, the packaging gives some clues to the design of a future battery-powered off-roader, one of the possible spin-offs of the Leaf/Infiniti electric car platform.

The rear wheels contain an electric motor each and are based on the designs shown in successive Pivo city car concepts.

Because the rear underfloor is clear of a diff, driveshafts and exhaust, there is room to package the 2.5kW/L fuel cell stack between the rear wheels.

The front wheels are driven by a lithium ion powerpack borrowed from the Leaf.

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12 September 2012

.... another one comes and moves the goalposts.


Wow, this thing makes my eyes bleed. Please cover it up.

12 September 2012

... from the outstandingly ugly Nissan period.

Nissan Terrable, if you ask me.

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