340bhp EX1 prototype combines hyper performance with zero emissions; will be world's fastest EV
Matt Saunders Autocar
24 September 2010

Peugeot has stolen a march on one of its biggest domestic rivals by unveiling a new, highly advanced high-performance EV prototype which should shortly be confirmed as one of the fastest battery cars in the world: the EX1.

This all-carbonfibre concept car weighs just under 1000kg with its 30kWh of lithium ion batteries onboard. It’s powered by one electric motor per axle, each supplying 170bhp and a constant 177lb ft of torque.

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Yesterday, at the Linas-Montlhery autodrome just south of Paris, the EX1 put in a number of timed acceleration runs which, if confirmed by the FIA, will make it the world’s fastest accelerating EV over six different distances.

The car dispatched a standing quarter mile in 14.4sec, a standing kilometre in 28.16sec and a standing mile in 41.09sec. It also recorded a mean 0-62mph dash in 3.55sec and a top speed of 161mph. Peugeot claims it was running well within its own capabilities, and should be capable of hitting 62mph in well under 3.0sec at its optimum settings.

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The EX1’s shape contributes to its speed over the ground, as well as its construction. The car’s rear track is considerably narrower than the front one, allowing the car to be teardrop-shaped in plan view for peerless aerodynamics. It’s suspended via double wishbones at the front, but by a motorbike-apeing swing arm at the rear, in which both rear wheel housings and one electric motor are housed.

“The EX1 is a one-off,” said Peugeot design director Gilles Vidal. “It has been built to push the boundaries of electric vehicle performance: to show what Peugeot could make, given the design and engineering resources at its disposal, and to continue a tradition of speed record-breaking that we have stretching back more than 40 years. We don’t expect to productionise it, but if there is enough interest in the car, it wouldn’t be impossible as a very low volume special.”

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According to Peugeot, the EX1 is strictly a 200th anniversary present to itself, but it will be seen by many in the motor industry as one-in-the-eye for rival French manufacturer Renault, which has sunk billions of Euros of development cash into electric vehicles over the last two years, but has yet to release any of them onto the market, and so far has nothing to rival the EX1’s speed and focus.

The EX1 will be on display for all to see at Peugeot Avenue, 136 Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris from 22nd September to 14th November 2010.

Matt Saunders

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21 September 2010

It's nice and what i want. But the message is very disheartening. They say it's either a one off, or only destined for a very low run of production. What they should have said is that they are aiming for tens of thousands of these cars to be cheap and available to the public with a target time of 20 years or by 2030. Even if its decades away its more relevant than declaring something extinct as soon as pictures are taken of it.

21 September 2010

Good direction for Peugeot - i.e. continue showing their intent in making sporty, fun and perhaps even fast cars. It also has a relatively nice face (especially considered to modern Peugeots with their 'huge mouths' like on the 207 and 308). Must agree though that it is indeed quite disappointing that they won't produce it...although it would probably be difficult to make it compliant with modern safety regulations.

However, it is perhaps a-bit too similar to 2 other Peugeot concepts: the 20Cup and especially the Asphalte, the latter which interestingly weighed over 400kg less (although it was slower and not emission-free).


- Follow your own star -

21 September 2010

[quote iploss]Even if its decades away its more relevant than declaring something extinct as soon as pictures are taken of it.[/quote]

I agree. Whats the point in spending several millions for R&D, marketing, testing and transport costs (to Shangai and who knows where else) if the car doesnt have a purpose and no clear link to current lineup. Front face is similar to last concept and 508 so there is nothing new there either.

As for possible limited production if there is enough interest - Peugeot is not Porsche who can charge 500.000 euro for 918 and get away with it.


21 September 2010

Yet another fantastic looking concept from the French - that has absolutely no relevance as like 90% of their great looking concepts there will never be even an attempt to put it into production.

Why do they bother? It has nothing at all to do with any cars they might produce.

21 September 2010

Great concept but I don't see how it is stealing the march on Renault when this will never go into production unlike the range of EV's that Renault is about to sell next year. Hopefully the front of this could heavily influence the next peugoet 508 coupe.

22 September 2010

Build the damn thing you cheese eating surrender monkeys! Nobody is impressed by concept cars.

22 September 2010

haha lol. its true all those concept cars from peugout that never gets build, it's a darn shame.

22 September 2010

After reading this article, I am a little confused. Does Matt Saunders work for Autocar or Peugeot? Because this just reads as a straight copy of a press release with a journo's name tagged on the bottom...

22 September 2010

With such a narrow rear track,won't stability be a problem when entering a high speed corner,or braking and turning at the same time?,what with instant torque feel this is an unresolved issue to us readers, could someone elaborate?.

Peter Cavellini.

22 September 2010

BUILD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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