The Peugeot EX1 is a car that you need to see if you’re still harbouring any prejudice towards electric vehicles.

It’s a machine with a quite incredible lack of compromise, built to go fast. Only a one-off prototype could be so devoted to that mission: if Peugeot had been building this thing to a price, even with one eye on meeting crash and safety regulations for production cars, they simply wouldn’t have had the freedom to make this car the way they have.

The EX1’s got some incredible design flourishes that you’d only ever find on a ‘blue sky’ car. That swing arm rear axle saves weight and improves aerodynamics. The car’s carbonfibre monocoque is something to behold too; it’s a shame Peugeot covered so much of it up with that boring, branded front end.

My favourite features on the car are its doors. Made entirely of carbonfibre, they incorporate the car’s bucket seats. When you get into the EX1, you actually sit down into the door assembly and then swing your whole body inwards with the door as it closes. That’d never work on a road car, or in any other material than carbon; it would simply be too heavy, too problematic.