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Matt has been getting to grips with the Type R's online following, and has been recommended a bespoke oil for the car. Can it really make a difference?

The Type R badge attracts a cult following, and I’m having so much fun in the Civic that it’s difficult not to be converted. I’ve been dipping into the forum to vicariously revel in the excitement with which other owners discuss their cars.

The forum is full of useful snippets, including one on suitable oil for the Type R. Given that I cover 500 miles a week, I like to have a bottle close at hand, and it turns out that there’s a recommended oil type for the turbocharged 2.0 i-VTEC engine above and beyond the 0W-20-grade lubricant specified.

Honda has got into bed with Castrol to produce Edge Professional H, which is “co-engineered” between the car company and lubricant maker.

We put the 306bhp Honda Civic Type R through its paces on the road and track

Is this just a marketing gimmick to encourage passionate Honda folk to buy Castrol products? My cynical journalist head says possibly, so I asked Castrol for more info. The company hadn’t got back to me by the time we went to press, so I’ll report back at a later date.

Either way, the marketing worked, because I dutifully ordered a litre of Edge Professional H online from Cox Motor Parts in Morecambe. Great service; it arrived in Twickenham less than 24 hours later.

So does using the specified oil make a difference to the Civic’s manners? Some owners on the forum reckon it is more responsive. I’m not convinced I can sense a difference. It’s difficult to tell with so many outside variables impacting on every drive, but on the other hand, there’s a satisfaction in knowing you’ve done right by your car and hopefully increased the engine’s prospects of a long and healthy life.

An oil-related note: I don’t get on with the Type R’s dipstick, with its orange marker at the business end. It’s much harder to read than a strip of metal with two nicks in it to show high and low levels. The oil seems to pool at the bottom of the grooved section. Or am I being the dipstick?

Honda Civic Type R

Mileage 3959; Price £32,295; Price as tested £32,820; Economy 32.3mpg; Faults None; Expenses Oil £13.71

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Maximos 5 February 2016

Oil consumption

Is this car have oil consumption? And how at 500 miles?
speckyclay 5 February 2016

Oil type

I can't even tell the difference between 'Shell Optimax Turbo Nutter' petrol and supermarket 'Probably Petrol', so how one litre of oil is going to affect the drive is anyone's guess. I suspect it'll improve reliability and longevity more than performance. Although viscosity has a role to play, I suspect it's fairly low-down on the pecking order.
si73 4 February 2016

awkward dipstick

I find holding the dipstick up at eye level and looking across the flat of the gauge end towards light easier as you can see the oil level is raised above the gauge surface, this makes it easier to read than looking down at the flat surface, well it works for me as I often find dipsticks hard to see the oil on let alone what level, so looking across it at eye level helps.