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Chinese electric SUV with a 469-mile range is already sold in Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark

The new 2024 Xpeng G6 will officially go on sale in the UK towards the end of 2024, it has been announced.

The electric-powered Tesla Model Y rival is priced from RMB209,900 (£22,900) for the base single-motor, rear-wheel-drive model, with the more powerful dual-motor, four-wheel-drive model starting at RMB276,900 (£30,200) in China. UK prices are expected to be significantly higher due to homologation, import duty and logistics costs.

Xpeng claims it already holds 35,000 orders for the G6, which comes with the choice of a 66.0kWh iron-phosphate (LFP) or 87.5kWh lithium ion battery. They provide it with respective ranges of up to 360 and 469 miles on the Chinese Light Duty Passenger Car Test Cycle (CLTC).

Other Xpeng models include the G3 mid-sized SUV, P7 and P5 saloons and flagship G9 SUV.

Xpeng g6 2024 side static

The G6 is the first model to be based on Xpeng's new SEPA 2.0 electric car platform. It brings a series of new developments over the structure that underpins earlier Xpeng Motors models, including a new 800V electrical architecture supporting DC charging at up to 480kW.

Additionally, the G6 will be available with the latest version of the Chinese car maker's XNGP intelligent assisted driving system. It is supported by 31 different sensors, including lidar, millimetre wave radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras and dual Orin-X microchips – the last claimed to provide 508Tops of computing power for hands-off level-three driving in regions with high precision mapping and where the regulatory framework allows.

Other functions supported by Xpeng's XNGP, which receives augmented reality functions, are intelligent obstacle avoidance, traffic light recognition and automated lane-changing overtaking.

The exterior styling of the new coupé-style crossover adopts the lineage first established with the original G3 and seen on each subsequent Xpeng model. Key elements within the minimalist design include a grille-less front end, a heavily angled tailgate and characteristic cues including full-width front and rear lights and flush door handles.

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At 4753mm in length, 1920mm in width and 1650mm in height, the G6 is 3mm longer, 58mm narrower but 26mm taller than the Model Y. The G6 also receives a wheelbase that is just 1mm shorter than the strong-selling Tesla, at 2890mm.

Buyers can choose between wheels ranging from 18in to 20in in diameter.

Xpeng g6 2024 interior

Xpeng quotes a drag co-efficient of 0.248. For comparison, the Model Y has a Cd of 0.23.

The body structure features integrated front and rear aluminium cast elements – a first for an Xpeng model in a move that is claimed to provide the G6 with a level of rigidity that is 83% higher than its previous models.

Inside, the G6 receives a simple and clean cabin featuring a twin-spoke, oval-shaped steering wheel along with 10.2in and 15.0in infotainment displays featuring Xpeng's Xmart 4.0 operating system and a heat pump-based air conditioning system.

Two rows of seats provide seating for up to five, with the boot offering a nominal 571 litres of capacity and up to 1374 litres with the rear seats folded.

Among the drivetrains, the G6's single-motor, rear-wheel drive system develops 292bhp and 325lb ft of torque, with the dual-motor, four-wheel drive system producing a combined 480bhp and 487lb ft.

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Xpeng g6 2024 spoiler

Full performance claims are yet to be revealed, though Xpeng says the dual-motor, four-wheel-drive model offers a 0-62mph time of 3.9sec.

Xpeng says the new electric architecture and 3C cell lithium-ion battery used by the G6 allows for 186 miles of range in 10min on a high-powered DC charger.

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jason_recliner 2 July 2023

Sexy for what it is, but one won't be putting anything much in the boot through that tiny flap!

Bill Lyons 2 July 2023

There used to be 3 kinds of lies: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.

Now there's Lies, Damn Lies and Claimed Range

Marc 1 July 2023
Satsuma Castanet XR4x4