Currently reading: Volkswagen is world’s largest car maker over first half of 2016
VW has produced and sold more cars than Toyota, to claim the title of the world’s largest car manufacturer

The Volkswagen Group has manufactured more cars than Toyota and General Motors in the first half of 2016, and is now the largest producer – and seller - of cars in the world.

Despite the ongoing emissions scandal, VW's production for the first six months' of 2016 has been confirmed at 5,268,000 cars. Toyota produced 5,033,177 cars, while GM's total figure has yet to be released, but is known to be smaller.

These figures change slightly when car sales are taken into account: Volkswagen Group sold 5,199,000 cars, while Toyota sold 4,991,741 across its four brands: Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino. GM sold 4,760,000 cars in the same period.

VW’s operating profit took a substantial dip compared to the same period last year, falling from £6.8billion in the first half of 2015 to £5.3billion in the same period of 2016. Production is also down by 0.6% compared with the first half of last year – VW produced 46,000 fewer cars this year. Despite of this, its sales increased by 2.1% (109,000 cars).

Toyota’s production increased by 0.4% in the first six months of 2016, even though sales fell by 0.6%.

Volkswagen Group brands also fell out of the top 50 in the July 2016 UK Customer Service Index; Skoda and Audi both placed in the rankings in 2015, but since the emissions scandal, both have slipped.


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jason_recliner 29 July 2016


The rise of the Sheeple's Car.
Deputy 28 July 2016

Largest maker of cars or world's largest car maker?

Unless they've made a 100m long Golf.....?
Shrub 28 July 2016

Note to self...

Do not revisit this page. There will be vomited bile all over this comments section by the end of the day.
Smartmiltoys 7 November 2016

Volkswagons have come a long

Volkswagons have come a long way. My father used to complain that his 60's Beetle constantly needed repairs. I own a 2002 tdi, it's wonderfully engineered (sometimes too much so), and sticking to the maintenance schedule will run for a long time.

But American automobiles aren't that terrible. They have recently begun using more turbochargers, meaning you get similar power but better mileage.