Currently reading: Future of Volkswagen Beetle hardtop and Scirocco uncertain
As VW looks to further reduce costs post-Dieselgate, the two models look to be under threat
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5 May 2017

The Volkswagen Beetle and Scirocco coupé look unlikely to be continued after their current generations run out, it has been suggested.

At Volkswagen’s 2017 Annual Session, the subject of replacing models was discussed, during which the future of the Beetle – which is built on an old platform – and the Scirocco was raised.

Volkswagen brand board member Arno Antlitz responded, saying: “The Beetle and Scirocco are representatives of an emotional and appealing class of vehicles, but it [VW product planning] is not always about continuing cars from one generation to the next.” It's only the hardtop Beetle that's expected to get the axe; the convertible outsells it considerably, and remains the only convertible in the VW lineup following the axing of the Golf Cabrio last year.

The Beetle is one of VW’s slowest-selling cars across its range, shifting 25,127 in both bodystyles across 2016. The Scirocco sold less than half; with 10,752 finding homes in 2016. The two models’ combined 2016 sales were topped by those of the Golf in January 2017 alone. 

Given that Volkswagen’s cost-cutting measures are spreading to its more central operations following a restructuring of the group’s motorsport activities, axing the slow-selling Beetle and Scirocco would make sense, despite the brand’s stated aim of offering products with more emotional appeal.

Antlitz said the upcoming ID electric models, as well as existing new models such as the Arteon luxury saloon, would fill the emotional void left by the departure of the Beetle and Scirocco.

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5 May 2017
Yes, I've noticed how the Beetle and Scirocco fill the emotional void in Volkswagen's range..... Seriously though, it seems unfair to look at the Scirocco's sales figures at this stage in its lifetime, its really long in the tooth now, and used to sell pretty well in its younger years. I'd rather have something to replace it than yet another SUV. The Beetle is really just too big for its type of customer. Those buying MINIs, 500s, DS3s, etc often want them as a smaller second vehicle, the Beetle is slightly larger than the Golf and just too bulky.

5 May 2017
The current Golf, A3, Octavia, Leon and TT are based on the smaller variant of the MQB platform which has been around since 2012. The Beetle and Scirocco are based on the same PQ35 platform that underpinned those cars' predecessors, a platform that isn't modular and has been around since 2002. Perhaps if the VW Group waited only a year and decided to build the current Beetle on the MQB platform instead and replaced the Scirocco a few years ago they would achieve economies of scale and can share production lines, particularly as the Beetle and Scirocco are low volume cars.

5 May 2017
They should relaunch the Beetle as a rear drive electric model in 2020. The flexibility a rear drive platform would offer would allow the designers to do something more interesting - the current car is nice but a little bland in my opinion.

6 May 2017
For me anyway as I am a fan of neither, the last generation beetle looked better to my eyes but as catnip has said ideally it should be smaller, polo based maybe, and the scirocco was always just a golf coupe not a scirocco, the original and mk2 looked nothing like their respective golfs whereas the current looks like a squashed golf and I always thought it should have been called a golf rather than use the scirocco name. A shame that they don't take the opportunity to make a new scirocco on the new platform that looks nothing like the current golf.

6 May 2017
Having had to trade out of my mk1 tt because of a growing family , I so so so wanted to like the scirrocco so went to see it at launch, great interior , 4 useable seats , good boot all in coupe form . Then I actually looked at the exterior of the thing , obviously VW had been told not to make it too good looking as it would cannibalize sales of the TT . However the proportions have always been awful , no sale I'm afraid . Mk1 scirrocco ta .

9 May 2017
If VW don't replace these two they'll be sorry when the arse inevitably falls out of the electric/autonomous myth and they're left with a limited range of models.

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