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Top marks for the SUV, but it wasn't without its problems; latest results also show Fiat and Ford trail rivals

The Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q5 and Toyota C-HR all scored the maximum five stars in the latest Euro NCAP results. 

The Fiat 500 and Ford Ka+ recorded three stars each, which is worse than the four-star Citroen C3.

Euro NCAP says the Discovery got five stars but it was “not without problems”. It said the driver airbag bottomed out in the frontal offset test, because of insufficient pressure, while in the side barrier test the driver’s door became unlatched.

“Jaguar Land Rover has an ambitious programme of new model releases in the coming years,” Euro NCAP’s secretary general, Michiel van Ratingen, said. 

“We hope that this challenging schedule and tight development times do not compromise the safety of the vehicles offered, and we hope that they will take our findings onboard.”

The recently facelifted Fiat 500 and all-new Ford Ka+ both lack rear seatbelt pretensioners and load-limiters, which are standard on most cars on the market, as well as autonomous emergency braking which is offered on half of new models today.

Euro NCAP says the 500 showed poor protection of both the driver and rear passenger in the frontal test, while the Ka+ had poor chest protection.

“Unfortunately, high hopes for the segment are smashed by Ford by releasing a brand new Ka+ with mediocre safety performance,” van Ratingen said.

“The new C3 shows that a respectful rating is achievable also for superminis,” he added.

Ford was expecting this result and maintains that the low-cost car is safe.

“We’re trying to give our customers the best possible value,” a spokesperson said.

“Obviously, these sophisticated safety technologies cost a considerable amount of money, and that would have to be passed on to the customer. We studied the market closely and decided what’s a necessity to that buyer and what wouldn’t be. But it is a safe car,” they added.


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Jimbbobw1977 1 March 2017

The electronic side of things

The electronic side of things is starting to give cars that are safe in a collision negative publicity - Mustang is one example, the car is structurely safe in an impact but marked down because of electronic aids. If I remember rightly as well, the 500 scores 5* when released - nothing has changed with its structure
topsecret456987 1 March 2017

But if one of these hits me

But if one of these hits me in my little car, I am very dead. SO how is that safe? After all it is the size of a house and weighs a bit more!
nick644uk66 1 March 2017

[quote=topsecret456987]But if

topsecret456987 wrote:
But if one of these hits me in my little car, I am very dead. SO how is that safe? After all it is the size of a house and weighs a bit more!
All I can say is, get rid of your little car and buy a Discovery 5. You life could depend on it, especially with the state of driving on British Roads these days.
artill 1 March 2017

These results need separating

These results need separating into crash test, and electronic nanny stars. They are meaningless in their current form, as just looking at how many stars a car has, no longer tells you how well it crashes, just that it has more or less electronics on board. But for JLR it must be nice to know, if you stick enough electronics in them that they can still get 5 stars even when your doors can open, and the drivers air bag in less than perfect.
Speedraser 1 March 2017

"These results need

"These results need separating into crash test, and electronic nanny stars." Exactly!