Vauxhall axes Rocks variants after selling just 138 in 2017; it sold 382 times as many Corsas in the same period

Vauxhall has axed the Adam Rocks S and Adam Rocks Air, SUV-inspired versions of the Adam supermini, in the UK amid slow sales. 

In 2017, Vauxhall shifted just 138 Rocks models, despite the rising popularity of SUV-style superminis in recent months. 

Vauxhall sold 7640 Adams in total last year, while it sold seven times this number of Corsas. Rocks models made up just one in every 55 Adams sold, meaning Vauxhall sold 382 times as many Corsas as Adam Rocks cars.  

It’s the third model to be cut by Vauxhall this year, following the GTC and Zafira Tourer, although the Corsa diesel and VXR variants were also dropped from the line-up earlier this year as PSA tries to minimise costs and turn a profit from Vauxhall by 2020

Adam Rocks models started at £17,065 for the entry-level 1.2-litre petrol version, making it £6015 more than the entry-level 1.4-litre Corsa, which is more frugal, emits less CO2 and has a slight power advantage. 

The regular Adam and sportier Adam S are the only two variants of Adam to remain on sale. The Adam was introduced in 2012 to rival the Fiat 500 and Mini. 

Slow sales for an SUV-supermini are unusual in 2018, given manufacturers’ rapid adoption of this niche. Ford’s Fiesta Active is the latest addition, joining the Hyundai i20 Active, Dacia Sandero Stepway and Suzuki Ignis. Vauxhall still sells the 1.0-litre Viva Rocks, however. 

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Vauxhall Corsa cornering

All-new Vauxhall Corsa raises its game with the end result being a classy supermini that’s decent to drive, but still short of the benchmark set by the Ford Fiesta

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A Vauxhall spokesman said: “Vauxhall continuously reviews its product lines and adapts various offers to suit market demand. While the Adam Rocks continues to be available in most European markets [as the Opel Adam Rocks], Vauxhall has taken the decision to focus on the more popular Adam variants in the UK. For that reason, the Rocks models are no longer available in the Vauxhall range.”

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25 June 2018

Ugly, Charmless and Expensive.

Steam cars are due a revival.

25 June 2018

... that the whole of the Adam range isn't getting the axe.

It's probably only surviving because it's built in Eisenach ( together with the soon to be dead 3-door Corsa ), and the next car to be built there is only due in 2020.



25 June 2018

why they sold any Adams at all...


25 June 2018
Bob Cholmondeley wrote:

why they sold any Adams at all...

I don't think they have, but they lease lots of them to 17-23 year old women who can't afford any of the other 17-23 year old womens cars (Fiat 500, Mini, DS3, Audi A1 and if you are doing really well in your network marketing business you could lease an Ejoke).

25 June 2018

The Adam is way too expensive. Adding plastic wheel arches to make it even more expensive doesnt seem a good way to sell them. Clearly the public have seen through it with this one.

I guess the next Adam (if there is one) will be a version of the 108/C1. This version of the Corsa seems past its sell by date

25 June 2018

im surprised they even bothered launching the viva rocks, this will be a model that will be culled as quick as its launched. hardly saw any adam rocks on the road or the adam s, reasonable amount of standard adams in my neck of the woods 

25 June 2018

Vauxhall pulled the rug out from under the Adam when they last facelifted the Corsa and put an Adam-esque front end and interior on it. Who would buy an Adam, when the 3 door Corsa was now better value, more practical, and customisable enough for most? Young (particularly male) drivers seem to love the 3-door Corsa, so its a shame Vauxhall probably won't have a car for them to buy. Good job Ford still does, though.

25 June 2018

Makes the Rover Streetwise look like a success

26 June 2018

26 June 2018

 I think so, with it’s “Silver Cross” Pram look on the rear quarter panel it was at odds with the Corsa, the young n trendy didn’t go for it in a big way, they were the target, they instead went for the Corsa or if not a Vauxhall fan it was a Fiesta....., Adam was a failure pure and simple...

Peter Cavellini.


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