Six universities are involved in forming what the Government hopes will be a formative power in EVs

The Government has announced a £65 million research institute involving six UK universities to further electric vehicle (EV) battery technology. 

The Faraday Battery Institute incorporates academics from Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick, Imperial College London, Newcastle University and University College London.

The six universities are investing £13.7m to set up a headquarters for the project, which aims to nurture relationships between businesses and researchers to get technology on the road quicker and make it more accessible to consumers. 

It’s the latest development in the Government’s £246m investment in EV battery research. It has invested heavily in both EV development and autonomous technolgies, and aims to make the UK a hub of development of self-driving cars. 

The Dyson car project was first confirmed when the Government inadvertently exposed in a document £174m of investment in the brand’s Wiltshire operations with a view to furthering EV battery technology. 

Business secretary reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to making the UK a go-to place for EV battery technology, adding: “The Faraday Battery Institute will have a critical role in fostering innovative research collaboration between our world-leading universities and world-beating businesses to make this technology more accessible and more affordable.

“We have huge expertise in this area already and the Faraday Battery Institute collaboration between our six founding universities provides a truly unique opportunity for us to bring together our expertise and an effort in this area behind a common set of strategic goals to ensure the UK exploits the jobs and business opportunities.”

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2 October 2017

UK government invests £65m, great, Tesla spent five billion USD on their gigafactory.

 Well done Theresa that'll make a big difference. Just like all your other policies. 

2 October 2017

UK government invests £65m, great, Tesla spent five billion USD on their gigafactory.

 Well done Theresa that'll make a big difference. Just like all your other policies. 

2 October 2017

This is typical of pretty much every British 'commitment' to new technologies. Investment comes too late, there is not enough invested and getting access to the funds is almost impossible because they are treated almost as the personal funds of small minded and narrow thinking civil servants that rarely even understand the purpose of the funds.

So bottom line, the UK will be a bit player in a vast global industry that it got involved in too late after the USA, China, Germany and a few others have already established a significant lead making it more expensive and difficult to break into the market with any degree of success.


2 October 2017

Pointless dribble of cash.  Go big or don't bother.  £65M down the drain.


2 October 2017

it's part of a 246m investment and that's a fair amount towards a research program. The luck will be if the coop produces something original or super efficient. Stranger things have happened in this country.

3 October 2017

Steam-electric hybrids are a better bet. They don't need large batteries.

17 November 2017

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29 November 2017

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11 December 2017

good article


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