Currently reading: UK firm reveals 500bhp electric 964-generation Porsche 911
Fully restored and electrified 1990s coupé packs a 53kWh battery for a range of 150 miles

The 964-generation Porsche 911 has been reborn as a 500bhp, fast-charging sports EV by Oxfordshire engineering firm Everrati.

With its petrol flat six swapped for a "state-of-the-art" electric motor and fitted with a raft of lightweight carbonfibre body panels, Everrati's Signature 911 will crack the 0-62mph sprint in less than 4.0sec and promises "to elevate the driving experience to another plane". 

The first example has now been completed following a comprehensive development programme. It joins Everrati's line-up of electrified classic cars, alongside several other 911-based conversions, a Land Rover Series 3 and a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Pagoda.

Prior to the conversion work, Everrati stripped the 911 down to its bare shell, water-blasted the chassis and treated it for rust prevention. It then seam-welded, strengthened and fabricated the chassis "to better-than-new standards". 

9 Everrati interior

As part of the rebuilding process, several of the 1991 car's steel body panels were swapped for lighter carbonfibre replacements, including the wings - which are wider than standard - and the doors. Buyers can also specify a carbonfibre roof panel.

A total kerb weight hasn't been specified, but Everrati claims the Signature 911 weighs less than the 1450kg original.

It also packs roughly double the power of its original petrol motor, with 500bhp and 368lb ft from an electric powerplant of undisclosed origin, while a 53kWh battery offers a range of more than 150 miles and can be charged from 10-100% in less than an hour. 

Equipped with adjustable regenerative braking, the Everrati car is also capable of 'one-pedal' driving. 

Modifications to the chassis, developed with contributions from BTCC champion and Everrati test driver Tim Harvey, include updated bushes and drop-links, fully adjustable coils and dampers and ventilated Brembo performance brakes. 


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Inside, the electric 911 gains electrically adjustable seats, a choice of leather and Alcantara upholstery, a modern climate control system and an infotainment system supplied by Porsche's own Classic division. 

Prices start at £250,000 before tax and the acquisition of a donor car, and the first examples will be delivered in late 2021.


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CWBROWN 1 June 2021

Feels like taking a 1975 Rolex Daytona, binning the mechanical components, and refitting with the innards from a modern day Casio.

Yeah, the watch is measurably 'better', but also somehow worse too.

Peter Cavellini 29 May 2021

Autocars web page isn't working right?, that's for another article on here.

si73 28 May 2021
This looks stunning, well, this generation of 911 always did anyway. As for the price, whilst it's a huge price, I doubt the work that's gone into it is can be done cheaply, that's quite a restoration process.
What are these references to spy in the cab and black boxes? Have I missed something in this article or have the comments come onto this thread by mistake?