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Turkish-built MPV succumbs to burgeoning SUV sales; hybrids sell quicker in Toyota range but Verso didn’t have one

The Toyota Verso is the latest MPV to be axed in Europe, as SUVs lure buyers away from the formerly huge segment. 

Toyota sold just 821 examples of the Verso during the year so far, while the Toyota RAV4, for example, found homes on 3921 driveways in the same period, with 88% of them being hybrid models. 

Hybrids sell in greater numbers than internal combustion-only cars, according to Toyota. The Verso was only offered with a 1.6-litre diesel, a 1.6-litre petrol or a 1.8-litre petrol. The Prius+ sold even fewer units across the first half of the year, at 484, but will remain the brand's only MPV offering.

Only dealer stock remains in the UK, with the last Versos predicted to be sold by the end of the year. 

Sales of the Turkish-built MPV have plunged 46% on 2017 and Toyota confirmed that the significant shift from MPVs to C-segment SUVs was the reason behind the decision to pull the plug on the Verso, as Toyota reviewed its European product lineup. Production stopped in October 2017, but sales continued online until far more recently. 

The Verso disappeared from Toyota’s UK website in recent weeks and sales will end all over Europe as the model officially finishes production. 

Other MPVs discontinued this year include the previously huge-selling Vauxhall Zafira, while other manufacturers have trimmed slower-selling three-door models from their line-ups. Seat recently axed all three-door cars from its range

Europe’s best-selling MPV is the Renault Scenic, which has shifted 57,559 units in the year so far. The Volkswagen Touran was second place, followed by the Citroën C4 Spacetourer

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Shrub 17 August 2018

Losing customers?

I see a fair few Versos around and Toyota reckons (I read) that a lot of these customers will migrate to the CHR! Seven seat airy MPV to a coupe like crossover, perhaps if the kids have left the roost otherwise they're gone Toyota. The new RAV4 will be a much higher price point so that won't help.


UKLondonUser 17 August 2018

Owned a Verso and still love it BUT toyota doesn't love it!

We have owned a Verso for 10 years and it's a great car. We used to own a Picnic (Ipsum import) prior to that. The Verso has had zero changes to its initial format since it was introduced many years ago. It's styling has evolved but that was because the designers failed in making a good looking car. We looked at Ford's Vauxhall Hondas, Skoda's and VW's before settling on the Verso. Why Toyota didn't improve the styling, dash layout, rear seat spacing, and sound insulation in the car? Engine is great but not a hybrid, the gear ratio is good but not perfect. But every time we give someone a lift the remark at how large the car feels inside and yet it's overall size is perfect for most families. The styling stops people from buying this car and the Prius+ is not going to take up the slack. We will move over to a Kia, Hyundai or Citroen Picasso if we find ourselves needing to replace this car. The Verso, Yaris pre-2008 and yaris Verso are great cars but their styling is very dated. They all had great roomy interiors, good visibility, loads of storage and hidden storage, upright seats for the MPV ride most people want. But they want good styling, improved features in the cars and they must be hybrids. Rav's a great for some but the hybrid is a poor investment. The Tesla X is the car to beat and Toyota should have copied Tesla's success with that format (just get rid of the "gull wing" doors.Toyota could have beaten many MPVs with a really good redesign (renaming) of the Picnic . The Ipsum was a terrific result with Zafira like seats that folded into the floor.Toyota: make an effort to redesign your cars so the interiors are smart like VW's, the features are all inclusive like Nissian's and the exteriors look like Tesla's. All you need now is a plugin Hybrid engine and your sales will soar!Good luck!