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Elon Musk suggests even more performance potential than the P100D's 2.5sec to 60mph, but won't say when it's coming

Elon Musk has suggested that there will be an update to the Tesla Model S P100D’s Ludicrous Mode, providing even more performance from the company’s flagship.

Tesla Model S P100D update trim 0-60 dash to 2.4sec

Musk tweeted: “there will be a P100D Ludicrous Easter egg [sic] soon that uncorks the full performance,” but gave no more details.

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Recent updates to the Model S line up mean that Ludicrous Mode – which deploys the maximum possible power for full acceleration to 60mph in 2.5sec – is only available on the P100D, as a standard feature. The P90D model has been discontinued.

Musk made the reveal while discussing the changes to the Model S range, which include the option of a new panoramic sunroof.

The CEO described the new option as “very hard to develop, but it makes the interior feel amazing”.

The new glass roof is a £1400 option and sits alongside the £1800 sunroof as an alternative to the standard body-coloured roof. Like the standard roof, the new glass roof is not compatible with roof racks – only the sunroof will allow such a feature. Musk said that the surrounding body structure had been reinforced for extra safety, and said the new roof performed at a “five star-plus” level in rollover safety. “That was what took so long to develop,” he said.

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Tesla has long shown a fondness for glass in its vehicles, and Elon Musk recently confirmed the creation a dedicated glass technology to work on automotive glass, as well as the recently announced solar roof tiles. Musk said that the first automotive results of this glass-focused team will be seen on the forthcoming Model 3, which may well have a solar roof option.

As pointed out by, which noticed the changes on the US Tesla website, the deletion of the P90D now mean a sizable jump in basic prices between the Model S 90D at £73,900 before incentives, and the P100D at £118,900 before incentives. The gap would suggest a future non-performance 100D model is in the works.

Autocar has contacted Tesla for comment.

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Peter Cavellini 19 June 2018

Warp factor five...?!?!

 How fast I agree is pointless, it’s a Dragster at best, nobody testing it says it’s a great steer, goes round corners like it was on Rails, I heard nothing about that, and yes more range, super quick charging these are just two things I would have thought were more important, besides you’d get fed up doing “ludicrous” mode....

Boris9119 5 November 2016

Tesla's Impact

Ladies and gentlemen, as both a Porsche fan boy and an ICE fanboy, here is my 5 cents. I have driven a Tesla P100 here in Florida. It is very quick off the line. Having done so, I have no desire to own one, but the missus might fancy it. However I absolutely applaud Tesla for motivating the industry move to EV, which like it or not is inevitable over the next 20 years. No ICE in 20 years I bet. All because of Tesla. I drive a Cayman GT4, that’s what I like. It’s not about 0-60. Who really buys (not reviews) a car because of it’s 0-60? When was the last time you did a timed 0-60? How often each week do you do a timed 0-60? What I like, it fast disappearing. Next year’s GT3 will almost certainly be the last purely ICE GT3. We are living in a period of revolution in automobiles, much like the move from Steam to Diesel Locomotives, or the move from Piston to Jet Aircraft. There will be great Hybrids, think 918, and there will be great EV’s. If your passion is ICE then enjoy what is surely the Zenith of ICE production. If you embrace EV’s then enjoy the startling progress that will unfold over the next 20yrs. We are all winners?
abkq 6 November 2016

Boris9119 wrote:

Boris9119 wrote:

If your passion is ICE then enjoy what is surely the Zenith of ICE production. If you embrace EV’s then enjoy the startling progress that will unfold over the next 20yrs. We are all winners?

Like Brexit vs Remain, like Trump vs Clinton, this is going to be a long bitter battle between the two camps - except that the eventual result will be less damaging!

winniethewoo 5 November 2016

275not599, are you a Yank?

275not599, are you a Yank? If so, your love of muscle cars is kind of excusable. They do make sense out there.