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New software due next month will add an Easter Egg that unlocks more performance; Model X P100D

The Tesla Model S 100D will be able to accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.4sec when a software update arrives next month, accroding to a Tweet put out by CEO Elon Musk today.

This improved time is a tenth quicker than before and makes the P100D 0.4sec quicker than a Mclaren P1. Now that the Porsche 918 and LaFerrari are out of production, it's the quickest car currently on sale.

Musk also said via Twitter that the Model X  100D would get an update to trim 0.1sec off its 0-60mph time, bringing it down to 2.8sec.

Both the Model S and Model X P100Ds were launched in August with a new 100kWh battery packs.

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Customers in the US waiting for P90Ds with Ludicrous Mode have been offered the chance to upgrade their order to P100D spec for $10,000 (£7578). Existing P90D owners can get their cars to P100D spec for $20,000 (£15,156) to cover costs of old battery recycling.

UK prices

The Model S P100D costs from £114,200; more than double the entry-level Model S 60's £53,400 starting price. A 'Ludicrous Speed' upgrade and Tesla's Smart Air Suspension are included in this. The first Model S P100D deliveries are estimated for December this year. 

The Model X P100D is priced from £117,200, which puts the P100D £53,100 (just shy of the price of the Model S 60) above the entry-level Model X 60D. Deliveries of the top-of-the-range Model X will start early next year.

Monthly PCP rates for the Model S P100D and Model X P100D are around £1060 and £1089 respectively, according to Tesla. 

Musk said that the drivetrains for both cars will remain the same, with only the larger capacity batteries being new.

The Model S's range increases to 315 miles under EPA tests and 381 under NEDC tests, giving it the largest range for any electric production car. 

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The Model X P100D will have a range of 289 miles according to EPA tests. The NEDC figure is 336 miles.

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bowsersheepdog 29 August 2016

Only fooling some of the people

It's a pile of worthless junk. An ugly pile at that. Electric cars are expensive, inconvenient, impractical and ephemeral. They are undesirable, even more so in the used market, and environmentally unsound. They are a construct of the lefty politics which wants to prevent the people having freedom of movement. Electric cars are going nowhere.
michael knight 16 November 2016

bowsersheepdog wrote:

bowsersheepdog wrote:

They are a construct of the lefty politics which wants to prevent the people having freedom of movement. Electric cars are going nowhere.

What the hell are you talking about? Are ICE cars right-wing? You're obsessed man. Are diesel cars more about 'freedom' because they have a larger range? You see, the logic is flawed.

Perrin21 25 August 2016

Let's not forget

The Tesla Roadster 3.0 has 345 miles EPA rated range. The Model S wasn't first over 300 miles.
bezor Ta 25 August 2016

The one trick pony

Tesla has been milking this 0-60 time from day one. It's the ONLY advantage it has over it's rivals. There are obviously no bends or curves in EV-land as all Tesla videos are about 0-60. Oh, and converting the cargo area to 2 extra seats does not make it a 7-seater.
Who wants to sit there when the car gets hit from behind?
Watch the first unbias review on Tesla where the journalist doesn't get blinded by the acceleration but actually tells the negative sides also.
Perrin21 25 August 2016

Tesla is far from Perfect

The Model S is a great achievement but it's no match for a 911 Turbo S. The Turbo S matches it on 0-60 and betters it to 100, it also has a top speed of 200MPH. The Tesla overheats at 155 mph after a few minutes and restricts power by 50% until it cools down. Also 155 Mph these days is no great achievement and is certainly not the fastest speed a car can do. Their latest advert is so full of BS.