Currently reading: Tesla: "Model 3 is not the next-generation Tesla"
America’s second most valuable car maker reveals more insight into the Model 3, but insists the Model S is brand’s flagship for progress

The Tesla Model 3, despite being the brand’s newest model by more than a year, will not be the most advanced car in the Tesla range, its maker has announced.

Despite positioning the Model 3 as a non-premium model, Tesla claims it will be just as safe as the Model S, but will be ‘smaller simpler, and will come with far fewer options than Model S’. The statement also attempted to quell some of the hype around the much-anticipated Model 3, explaining: "it isn’t 'Version 3' or the next generation Tesla."

In preparation for the Model 3’s sales debut, Tesla says it has ramped up its much-reported Gigafactory manufacturing plant, charging network and sales network, as it gears up to fulfil the 373,000 Model 3 orders it has received.

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bowsersheepdog 10 April 2017

Inevitable conclusion

As much use as a chocolate fireguard and as desirable as a dose of clap. That company will be dead quicker than a fly in boiling soup. Electric cars are going nowhere.
ralphsmall 8 April 2017


They may have a greater capitalisation than Ford but they ain't never made an annual profit . 100000 cars a year versus 2 mil . If and when the rest get boogying god help them. Musk has some huge personal debt . This could be the next tech bust or southsea bubble shareholders beware he may not be a darling .
xxxx 7 April 2017


Is an acronym(?) that Telsa should have at the forefront this time round. No stupid doors, no seating options, no stupid self driving hardware, standard metal roof, standard 2wd, optional internet connection etc.