Currently reading: Tesla Model S 60 and 60D killed off due to low sales
Entry-level electric model has been removed due to lack of demand and to simplify the model's line-up

The 60 and 60D variants of the Tesla Model S have been taken off sale less than a year after they were introduced, due to a lack of demand.

Sales of the 60, the £66,935 entry-level version of electric four-door hatchback, have been consistently beaten by the 75, which is one step up in the Model S range. Tesla has therefore decided to end sales of the 60 and 60D from 16 April.

The 60D is the dual-motor version of the 60.

Tesla Model S 60D review

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The 75 will reassume the role of entry-level model, bringing the Model S's lowest price up to £73,435. The 75 actually uses the same battery pack as the 60, but has different software to increase output to 75 kWh.

Due to the technical similarities, Tesla is offering Model S 60 and 60D owners the chance to upgrade their car to 75 specification with an over-the-air software update.

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QuestionEverything 26 March 2017

An iPad on wheels

There is something of the "chav with money" about Tesla. They are for those who want to compete with the other school mums in Range Rovers. Wait 'til they try parking up on the pavement outside the school in one of those. Also, Tesla don't seem to have a grasp of basic ergonomics. Having all controls accessed by a touchscreen is just stupid. How are you supposed to adjust the heating whilst driving using a touchscreen? Other manufacturers are doing the same thing e.g. Volvo, Citroen, Peugeot etc. At least BMW seem too have a actually employed real ergonomists when designing their cars. You need actual physical controls in a car and the only knob you'll find in a Tesla is the one driving it.
xxxx 24 March 2017

Laughing to the bank with the new base model

Minor software change but an increase of £6,500.