Currently reading: Suzuki Swace revealed as Toyota Corolla-based estate
Second model from partnership between Japanese firms will come to Europe later this year
Tom Morgan, deputy digital editor
2 mins read
15 September 2020

Suzuki has officially unveiled the Swace, an estate car based on the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, as the second model in its strategic alliance with the Japanese car giant.

It follows the Toyota RAV4-based Suzuki Across SUV that was revealed earlier this year and is due to go on European sale in the coming months.

A single powertrain has been confirmed: the 1.8-litre hybrid one also found in the Corolla, which combines a 97bhp four-cylinder petrol engine with a 71bhp electric motor via a CVT automatic transmission.

Power output is unconfirmed (it's 120bhp in the Corolla), although performance is quoted at 11.1sec for the 0-62mph sprint and top speed is 111mph.

Like the Corolla, the Swace features a dedicated EV mode for emissions-free driving, with the hybrid engine producing 99-115g/km of CO2 on the WLTP cycle. It's understood the Swace won't recieve the Corolla's more powerful 2.0-litre hybrid powertrain. 

The Swace bears a strong exterior resemblance to the Corolla but features its own front end that includes the distinctive grille seen elsewhere in Suzuki's line-up.

Inside, the differences between the two cars are minimal, with a largely identical dashboard layout aside from a new steering wheel, and a similar seats-up rear luggage capacity of 596 litres. 

The Corolla's 8.0in touchscreen infotainment system comes as standard in the Swace with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, along with wireless smartphone charging, though exact UK specifications are still set to be confirmed.

The new model will be built alongside the Corolla at Toyota’s UK factory in Burnaston, Derbyshire. Prices are likely to stick closely to that of the Corolla Touring Sports, which begins at £27,000.


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15 September 2020
I'm really surprised there hasn't been more effort to change the looks for these Suzuki versions. They could have easily changed the lights at least

15 September 2020


16 September 2020
jason_recliner wrote:


I reckon the name is the least of this ones problems.

There is such a thing as too much Sake, and this is the hangover

16 September 2020
superstevie wrote:

I'm really surprised there hasn't been more effort to change the looks for these Suzuki versions. They could have easily changed the lights at least

Suzuki have previous for this but the Subaru Justy in the mid 1990's was made by Suzuki in their Hungarian plant. They've also had the Suzuki Alto/Nissan Pixo, Suzuki Splash/ Vauxhall Agila but this looks like a new Suzuki with minimal input and additional cost. As for the article stating the front is similar to other models in Suzuki's range, I'm hard pressed to see it. Now that the Ignis SZ3 now starts at £14k for real poverty spec versions, Suzuki must be looking to maximise profits in the UK at least.

15 September 2020

I think this car shows what a poor position the car industry is in. There isnt much, more economical than the Prius, and yet the CO2 figures start at 99g/km, so even selling these isnt going to offset any of Suzuki's higher CO2 cars. 

Suzuki must surely be thinking about their future in the EU 

15 September 2020

I'm a bit concerned that instead of an alliance this is starting to seem more like a takeover by Toyota,admittedly both the Across and the Swace are bigger than the Vitara and Swift the lack of distinctionof these models from their Toyota siblings seem more like rebadging than collaboration. Another question might be is there room for larger vehicles in the Suzuki range? the last time the company produced a larger car the result was the Kizashi which did not sell at all well in Blighty and the bankruptcy of the US arm of  Suzuki Auto makes me wonder why the company is trying to move upmarket, 

15 September 2020

Suzuki’s are being rebadged as Toyotas in markets such as India. The Vitara is the new Toyota Urban Cruiser 

15 September 2020

This is less an alliance more a badge engineering process which is more shameless than anything else recently in my eyes. It's not the same as Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen sharing a supermini which has different bodywork, lights, bumpers on each one. Here they've literally changed badges and slightly reshaped the front bumper without bothering to disguise the fact. Absolutely devoid of any Suzuki DNA. Same problem with the RAV4. If they undercut the Toyota versions significantly, I can't see what that's a good thing for Toyota, either?

15 September 2020

Toyota, at least with VW you get a totally different looking car inside and out, different price and build structure etc. This will just be a better value Toyota, the car in front is a Toyota or is it a Suzuki

15 September 2020

I've always wondered how long Suzuki will survive in Europe as I doubt their overall sales are head and shoulders ahead of the soon to be departed Mitsubishi. 


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