The Japanese manufacturer's new baby SUV achieved only three stars out of five in safety tests; Audi’s A6 and VW’s Touareg got a full five
Jimi Beckwith
19 September 2018

The new Suzuki Jimny has scored three stars out of five in the Euro NCAP 2018 crash test rating - the lowest score recorded under new 2018 regulations. 

The Jimny’s scores – 73% for adult occupants, 84% for child occupants, 52% for protecting vulnerable road users and 50% for safety assistance systems translate to a three-star rating, with adult occupant protection for the driver’s torso and rear passenger’s head being described as weak in the frontal offset deformable barrier and frontal full width tests respectively. Euro NCAP's assessors noted that in the former, “there was insufficient pressure in the driver's airbag to prevent it from 'bottoming out', allowing the head to contact the steering wheel".

Despite the car’s standard-fit AEB, which Euro NCAP said performed well under testing, the car’s head restraints dragged the system’s score down for not providing adequate protection against whiplash injuries. 

For the frontal offset deformable barrier test, the Jimny achieved 'adequate or worse' for driver protection in every measured area except the driver’s neck, which was deemed ‘good’. 

Meanwhile, Euro NCAP awarded both the Audi A6 and Volkswagen Touareg five-star ratings, with both cars praised for their vulnerable road user protection - both cars’ autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems have cyclist detection included. 

The fourth car in the latest batch of tests, Ford’s Tourneo Connect van-based MPV, achieved four stars. The vehicle comes with lane support and AEB equipped as standard. 

Euro NCAP secretary general Michiel van Ratingen said: “Overall, these latest results demonstrate that, as Euro NCAP’s test protocols evolve and become more demanding, a five-star rating remains an achievable although challenging objective for the auto industry.”

Our Verdict

Suzuki Jimny 2018 road test review - hero front

Was Suzuki's iconic miniature off-roader’s long-overdue overhaul worth the wait?

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“It is particularly positive and welcome that manufacturers are performing well in the assessment of vulnerable road user protection systems such as AEB for cyclists. Euro NCAP has now tested six models which feature this life saving technology. These driver assistance systems are the building blocks for potential automation in the future. Importantly they offer tangible safety benefits today.”

Autocar is awaiting response from a Suzuki spokesman. 

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19 September 2018

19 September 2018

I doubt this will cost Suzuki one sale. 

19 September 2018

Daft, really.  Suzuki could have upped it so easily.

I say my bit, then go. So although I'm interested in what you may initially say, I don't care what you think about what I've written, so I won't read whatever your reply is.

19 September 2018

Wonder if Suzuki will make some minor changes and re-submit it. From memory I'm sure that's what Nissan did with the Nivana.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

20 September 2018

This just shows how design & engineer a modern vehicle is much more than just bolting design & engineered parts. Suzuki spent money on an effective AEB system and then got on the cheap with the one-fits all seat design.

Another Celerio high-quality product.

21 September 2018

It's still miles better than many small cars in the not too distant past ( it is a small car), it's not a great big tank hence it's fantastic off road performance, I'm biased as I've has many a Vitara and driven my pals Jimny many times, he wasn't invited back to off road events as the Jimny walked all over the "Landies", chortle !

22 September 2018

I think we all want to know how the driver and passenger fare in a crash, but has the inclusion of AEB skewed the results?


Are the injuries and protection offered to those in the car actually poor and the inclusion of these extra technology lifting the score higher than it should?


25 September 2018

You only get as high as your lowest category in the new tests. So if you manage a 5* rating it is that all categories or safety are 5*. IF you get a 3* for AEB for example that gives you an overall 3* rating.

You are going to see either a lot lower ratings or a lot more AEB systems in new products.

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