Suzuki’s new compact 4x4 is already attracting the attention of customisers, who have created retro-inspired versions

The Suzuki Jimny has only been on sale in Japan for five weeks, but already a specialist garage has created custom versions drawing upon the car’s retro look. 

Jimny Center Niigata, based in Niigata, in the north of Japan’s main island, Honshu, has customised the Jimny’s grille to bear an old-style Suzuki logo, as well as fitting retro-style wheels to the Jimny, shod in whitewall tyres. 

The garage charges around £168 for a custom grille for older JA12-generation Jimnys, which were made until 1996, and £228 for a wood roof lining replacement, although no prices for new Jimny parts have yet been made public. 

The throwbacks recall previous generations of Jimny, the first of which entered production in 1970. The garage also customises older Jimnys, with both interior and exterior modifications including bespoke paint jobs, interior cladding and upholstery. 

Jimny Center Niigata has already attracted a backlog of interest in Japan, with double-digit orders pending, although the garage hasn’t disclosed how long customers will have to wait for each order to be completed.

The new Jimny goes on sale in the UK in early 2019, months after its Japanese sales debut. A price of around £14,000 is expected for the 101bhp 1.5-litre micro-SUV. 

We took a drive in the new Jimny - take a look

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Suzuki Jimny 2018 road test review - hero front

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10 August 2018

increasingly physically growing larger SUV's, mainly but not always bought for the "daily school/weekly shopping runs". Driver and up to three pupils for former and fold down rear bench for latter. 

Shame, as it's such a good car hidden in plain site. Perhaps with social media and smart/inexpensive marketing now available, this will sell in much greater numbers than the approx 12000 pa that Suzuki were formerly happy with. Your thoughts welcome.

11 August 2018

I'm not an suv fan but I love this, but, I do doubt it'll persuade people out of their large suv's due to it appearing too small for the 2+2 family and lacking all the luggage space they never use. Plus a lot of people seem to like big cars.

10 August 2018

I think i'm in love.


This could have been Suzukis Fiat 500, but i get the feeling they're really not going to push it.

11 August 2018

Might be a good idea if some of these parts were imported so Jimny owners could customise their vehicles,these parts really do look good,with out changing the character of the car

12 August 2018

ich cheaper than painting it and would protect the paint from muddy bikes on a roof rack.

These Suzuki’s do look cool.

13 August 2018

F^ck me! How much bigger is the new one??

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