Currently reading: Soft-top Maserati Grancabrio lands with 542bhp V6
New open-air GT is promised to bring no compromises to performance or comfort

The new Maserati Grancabrio has been unveiled with the promise that it enhances the theatre of its Granturismo sibling without introducing compromises to performance or comfort.

It trades a coupé roof for a folding fabric arrangement that can be lowered or raised in 14sec at vehicle speeds of up to 31mph.

A neck-warmer system is standard, offering three levels of heat output. However, the manually operated wind deflector, which reduces turbulence over the passengers, is an optional extra.

The Grancabrio arrives solely in range-topping Trofeo form, packing a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine that sends 542bhp through all four wheels.

Maserati Grancabrio dashboard

This V6 sends the Granturismo from 0-62mph in 3.5sec and on to a top speed of 199mph. These statistics are likely to be reduced slightly by the conversion to a convertible, but they should still be broadly competitive with rivals'.

The Bentley Continental GTC, for example, cracks 62mph in 4.0sec, while the Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet hits the same speed in 2.9sec.

A 751bhp electric version, dubbed the Folgore, will folllow later this year.

Prices for the Grancabrio will start at £169,500. 

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Peter Cavellini 9 August 2023

Like most of us we're nearly all driving a car that we will never use its full potential, so the performance figures for this are largely irrelevant, they're at best what sells the car, I see design elements of Ferrari, BMW, and even Jaguar, also it would be handy if we could have a comparison image so as to discern how large/small it is.