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Five-door Range Rover Evoque caught testing at the Nurburgring for the first time
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18 August 2010

The five-door Range Rover Evoque has been caught testing at the Nurburgring for the first time.

The five-door Evoque will sit on the same platform as the three-door model unveiled last month.

It will have shortened front doors and narrow-aperture rear doors and sales are likely to start in 2012.

See the five-door Range Rover Evoque in action at the Nurburgring

Few technical details on the three-door model have been revealed, but Land Rover has confirmed that the car will be available in front-wheel drive form as well as four-wheel drive, and that some models will emit less than 130g/km of CO2.

The Evoque is being described as a "global car"; Land Rover says it will be sold in more than 160 countries. It will be made at Halewood, creating up to 1000 new jobs at the Liverpool facility.

Read more on the Range Rover Evoque, including a launch video

No prices for the three-door Evoque have been released, but expect four-wheel-drive versions to start at around £35k, with front-drive models following shortly after launch at around £5000 less.

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18 August 2010

I hate the name "Evoque". It's the result of some limp wristed BS managment....

LRX, cool, modern, and just so much better. I'll reserve judgement on the car until I see it. The concept certainly looked superb.

18 August 2010

That psychedelic paint job is so cool but I bet they chicken out and ditch it before the car goes on sale.

18 August 2010

[quote Symanski]

I hate the name "Evoque".

LRX, cool, modern, and just so much better.


How about i-Land Rover? it seems if you put "i" in front of anything it suddenly becomes fashionable!!

[quote Symanski]It's the result of some limp wristed BS managment....[/quote]

Will match the sort of person who will buy it then.....

18 August 2010

Can Autocar publish a picture of the Evoque with a normal-sized person (or another familar reference) beside it? At the video launch, with the Z-listers in attendance, it looked ridiculously out of proportion, but this may have been the camera angle.


18 August 2010

Its just freelander... same platform, different body you pay extra for the Range Rover name... Does anyoneu remember the Jag X Type, Ford Mondeo platform unique body and you pay extra for it... come to think of it the Freelander is a Modeo/Volvo platform...

18 August 2010

[quote HSM]Does anyoneu remember the Jag X Type, Ford Mondeo platform unique body and you pay extra for it[/quote]

Many cars now share common platforms to save expense. If a major corporation owned 4 different car companies and had to fork out for R&D for 4 different platforms for 4 cars all in the same class, it would soon send profits falling....

VW, Skoda, Seat, Audi

Ford, Jaguar, Lincoln

Vauxhall, Saab (until recently?), Fiat

Fiat, Alfa Romeo

All manufacturers who share platforms and I'm sure there are many many more...

18 August 2010

I'm sorry but, no matter how many doors they fit it with, this Evoque thing will never be anything other than a Chessex WAG monstrosity for those who really want an RRS but can't afford it. Nice idea, gopping execution.

18 August 2010

[quote mantaray]Many cars now share common platforms to save expense.[/quote]

Very much so, and engines too. Unfortunately while many outside the UK can, journalists are lazy and critcise any UK company from doing so. There's nothing to say that you could have taken your Jaguar X-Type in to a Ford dealership for servicing. The X-Type and Mondeo were two very different cars.

My only criticism of the X-Type was it's antiquated looks. And that Jaguar failed to learn and produced another varient of the XJ before realising they had to change. XF is superb, and while I've yet to see the new XJ in the "metal" it does look quite something.

18 August 2010

When will people realise, the purpose of any car company is to make money, not to satisfy all the 0.05% of the market that are petrolheads, and must have a petrol V8 with RWD.

Make. Money.

That means selling high profit items to people with more money than sense. People that simply HAVE to have the latest "thing" to take Jacinta and Bambalaneesha to school in. It could be based on a 1972 Austin Princess with a 3 cylinder diesel and one wheel drive, but if that's what half a million stupid rich people want to spend £35k on, then that is what you make.


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