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Land Rover reveals the production version of the new Range Rover Evoque. Official details + pics

Land Rover has revealed the production version of the Range Rover Evoque, the new 'baby' model that will go on sale next summer.

Unveiled at a party thrown to celebrate the Range Rover brand’s 40th birthday, the production Evoque retains most of the looks of the original LRX concept, which was unveiled as long ago as the Detroit motor show in 2008.

The switch from the concept’s Land Rover badging to a Range Rover model was a tactical one. It has allowed the firm to keep a more profitable price point on style and exclusivity grounds, without having to offer the rugged practicality associated with the Discovery and Freelander. However, this three-door version is just the start; a five-door variant of the car is also under development.

No prices for the Evoque have been released, but expect four-wheel-drive versions to start at around £35k, with front-drive models following shortly after launch at around £5000 less.


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kourgath 8 July 2010

Re: Range Rover Evoque revealed

I like it - but I would have preferred the name to be Range Rover Compact rather than a poncy made up name that sounds too close to a Lotus but then Range Rover coupled with Vogue mag quite a white ago for the en-vogue special edition...
As was said above most of the comments on the LRX show car was 'make it now!'
I am amazed by the complaints about the pricing - LR have always been expensive in comparison to similar 4x4's and to be honest the top end Ford Kuga is £28.5k, the top Freelander is £33.5k, the top VW Tiguan is £27k etc, so really the pricing seems about right for the market. Don't forget that MINI changed the idea of just how much more money people will pay for style and customising them (I remember 5 years ago speccing up my MINI D to over 20k from a base of 11 - then sense came back and it still cost me 14k).
Also don't forget that the RR Sport TD6 is their greatest seller, so they are aiming at the second car market - as was MINI. I wish them the best as long as the money goes into producing a proper new Defender replacement even if it is built in India.

ordinary bloke 5 July 2010

Re: Range Rover Evoque revealed

sw4man wrote:
You don't know the size or the cost
I do know the size - we've just seen it being launched. I agree that we don't yet know the exact price, but all the rumours seem to agree that £35,000+ for a 4x4 version and £5000 less for 2 wheel drive is the likely price level. Nobody is disputing that the Evoque will be Golf-sized,are they?

sportwagon 5 July 2010

Re: Range Rover Evoque revealed

vinylnutter wrote:

Clearer evidence could not be found of the political agenda of some posters on this forum. Seems to me that anything expensive is fair game for those who want to politicize the enjoyment people take from motoring.

Nonsense, moral maze probably, political agenda definitely not. I have no objection as such to people having expensive cars; my daughter's doctor has a DB7 and I hope that he enjoys it, but then he has earned it.