The Chinese brand is attempting to penetrate Europe, while PSA is looking to increase foothold in China
Jimi Beckwith
27 September 2017

PSA Group has confirmed that it is co-operating with Chinese brand Changan to develop a pickup truck for market by 2020 as the segment grows in Europe and international markets.

Under the agreement, which was signed in June, an all-new platform has been developed for the car, which will serve as a rival to the Nissan Navara, Renault Alaskan and Mitsubishi L200.

If launched in the UK, the pickup will likely undercut rivals, but the PSA side of the deal will likely result in both Peugeot and Citroën variants of the truck, as well as a Vauxhall-badged model, given these brands' activities in the commercial vehicle market. 

The pickup segment is experiencing something of a resurgence in recent months. New entries have come from Renault and Mercedes-Benz under an agreement between Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Daimler to share the platform of the Navara. 

It won’t be the only PSA pickup in the portfolio. Peugeot currently produces the Pick Up - a rebadged Dongfeng Rich - for the African market. However, the Changan truck will be the first PSA pickup in Europe since the Peugeot 504, last sold in the early 1990s. 

A pickup truck has been in the works since PSA's Push to Pass plan was revealed last year, although a joint venture with Toyota or Fiat did not come to pass, despite PSA's past commercial vehicle tie-ins with these brands. 

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27 September 2017

If Vauxhall sell this, and it is NOT made in China, I will definitely have one.

27 September 2017

Are you gonna sell your made in China iphone then ?

27 September 2017

How do you know it's made in China?

"Apple has factories involved in iPhone production in China, Taiwan, Thailand,Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Philippines and the U.S."

27 September 2017

Its well known that theyre assembled in China and Taiwan, by a Chinese company.

28 September 2017

Priceless comment.

27 September 2017

I guess the GM Europe-Renault commercial joint venture will end soon, now PSA owns Vauxhall & Opel.

27 September 2017

Please rember to draw the rest of the car on. You appear to have forgotten a bit.


28 September 2017

I love the way it is still watermarked, in case another publication wished to steal it.

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