Exterior upgrades and performance tweaks will make coupé and convertible pairing the hottest in the current range
Jimi Beckwith
22 September 2017

Porsche is finalising the new range-topping versions of its mid-engined 718 sports car line-up before they are revealed to the public later this year.

The car has now been revealed. Click here for more.

The 718 Cayman GTS and its convertible 718 Boxster GTS sibling are due with a more powerful version of the turbocharged 2.5-litre flat-four engine currently used by the S models. The previous-generation GTS models gained 15bhp and 7lb ft over their standard S counterparts, so it’s likely that there will be a notable power hike on this generation’s flagship, too, placing output at about 375bhp.

The models have been spotted undisguised at the Nürburgring and showed the design alterations. A new front bumper and twin central exhausts can be seen, with the latter suggesting an upgraded exhaust system will come as part of the technical upgrades.

Our Verdict

Porsche 718 Boxster

Engine downsized, turbo added and chassis tuned. Has Porsche made all the right moves, or is the 718 Boxter a worthy soft-top successor?

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Underneath, the GTS cars will benefit from suspension upgrades. The previous-generation GTS featured Porsche’s electronically controlled adaptive dampers and slightly lowered suspension. Porsche’s Active Suspension Management is likely to feature, as is the Sport Chrono package, which featured on the previous Boxster GTS.

The 718 Boxster S costs £54,569, so the GTS version could easily pass the £65,000 mark. Performance could also match the 4.2sec 0-62mph time of the previous-generation Cayman GT4.

Expect the new Boxster and Cayman GTS to break cover at the Los Angeles motor show in November before order books open at the end of the year. First deliveries aren't likely to take place until early 2018, though.

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20 July 2017

Bad work...

RIP Boxster.


21 July 2017

Spied? Really. You "spied" a car driving around The Nurburgring. Not exactly trying to hide were they. More tabloid headline nonsense from Autocar

22 July 2017

Or gradually bleed sales before you realise that power and economy are only two parts of the engine equation. The third is producing something that encourages an emotional connection by sounding proper, and not just another of the current crop of farting and fake popping four cylinder engines with artificial sound in the cabin. I suppose Porsche will be targeting the 375 BHP of the CLA 45, but it surely can't have escaped their notice that the CLA 45 also sounds terrible.

22 September 2017

TTRS will beat it easily , sound better, accomodate occasional children in the back, and get out of your snowy driveway easily.Much more comparable to a C4S at half the price.I can buy an RS3 for my wife as well for C4S money.


22 September 2017

in Canada RS3 $62900,TTRS 72900=$135800.Well  equiped.C4S $126900 with no options,any decent options you really want adds $20000 so $146900.Way overpriced,and you even have to buy a rear wiper !!


22 September 2017

Bad bad bad...

Where is Porsche ?

Stop those engines please.


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