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PGO’s pictures of the Cevennes show the upcoming car in greater detail

French manufacturer PGO has revealed more details of its upcoming Cevennes Water Snake, a retro-themed roadster inspired by the Porsche 356. 

First previewed at the Shanghai motor show earlier this year, these official images reveal further styling details, such as BMW-like ‘angel eye’ headlights, a new bodykit, 18in wheels and blue carbon paint finish. Other styling elements include LED daytime running lights and metallic orange door handles. 

The seats, steering wheel and dash are trimmed in cream leather with blue stitching. The dashboard features a mix of retro-styled orange-glow dials and small screen displays. 

Under the bonnet is a mid-mounted BMW-sourced 1.6-litre turbo engine which produces 181bhp. PGO quotes a kerbweight of 998kg and a top speed of 140mph.

Prices are yet to be announced.

Jimi Beckwith

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typos1 5 June 2013

Pardon me for being picky,

Pardon me for being picky, but the correct term is "corona" NOT "angel eyes". . . . I ll get my coat (its an anorak!)

wardotron 5 June 2013

Looks like fun!

Come on, this looks like a hoot.