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Firm plans to launch a new £30k-plus crossover luxury flagship

Peugeot is developing a new £30k-plus crossover as a range-topping halo model to occupy the slot last occupied by the 607.

Instead of being another large saloon, a new flagship “needs to be different”, the firm says. The new car is expected to be marketed as a well equipped crossover in the mould of the Audi A6 Allroad. It is likely to have a raised ride height and styling features emphasising its dual role and high technology.

Based on the five-door 508 SW, it will use a Hybrid4 diesel-electric drivetrain and feature a number of design and styling variations to give it a distinct, high-end identity.

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Insiders hint that a concept version will appear at the Frankfurt show this autumn. The production version will appear at least a year after that. Peugeot plans to ease Hybrid4 on to the market slowly to gain experience.

Peugeot has made a substantial investment in Hybrid4 technology and it will eventually be deployed across several models, including the 508. Developing a modified version of this car is vastly less risky than developing a completely new executive model.

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This so-called ‘hors series’ 508 will be the best equipped and plushest variation, its detail design majoring on the all-wheel-drive diesel Hybrid4 technology.

That consists of a 163bhp 2.0-litre diesel driving the front wheels and a 37bhp electric motor propelling the rear. In the 3008 Hybrid4, this is good for 74mpg and CO2 of 99g/km. It’s likely that this crossover 508 SW will return similar figures.

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