New alloys and smartphone mirroring added to the Giulia options list, while mid-range Tecnica models get a £1000 price drop

The Alfa Romeo Giulia's options list has been expanded and a £1000 price drop applied to mid-range Tecnica models to coincide with the 67 numberplate change.

This comes less than a year after the first examples of the BMW 3 Series-rivalling executive saloon were delivered to customers.

The options, which are available as of now, include 18in five-spoke diamond-cut alloys on all trims except for the entry-level Giulia and 19ins exclusive to the hot Veloce.

In addition, twin tail-pipes (£150) are now available on the petrol Super model and the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring functions are available with all specifications for £250.

The significant price drop applied to Tecnica trim, which is available with only a 2.2-litre diesel engine, has brought P11D values down to £30,840 and £32,040 respectively for the 150hp and 180hp variants.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo and the Giulia name is back, and returned in the shape of a saloon that is determined to disrupt the top order - watch out BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Audi


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Tecnica is aimed at company car drivers, with standard kit including electric seats, a climate pack, privacy glass and a driver assistance pack that includes all-round parking sensors and a rear-view camera.

Alfa Romeo claims that the Tecnica now "offers the lowest whole life cost in its class, benefitting from a low P11D value, high residual values, low maintenance costs and excellent fuel efficiency".

The Giulia (not including the Quadrifoglio) has also been added to Alfa Romeo's Test Me Contribution scheme, joining the 4C, Giulietta and Mito, in which private buyers will be offered a £2000 discount if they take a test drive and place an order by 30 September.

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1 September 2017

But I fear they'll have to do more than a few new options and a small price drop to generate some sales. 

24 October 2017

The Guilia is grossley overpriced. A Merc C-Class petrol can be had for less than £30k (admittedly with a manual gearbox). I suspect the same holds true for BMW and Audi as well. I guess one can get better discounts trough websites like Carwow or Drive the Deal - can't see this offer being all that successful.

2 September 2017

They should rather do other petrol engines (entry level).


5 September 2017

i have one, the 2.0 petrol is great but the sales figures are a serious worry.


6 September 2017

Three or 4 all the mega Cloverleef one. The petrol 275hp looks interesting. But they are such a compromise who buys a 4 door 3/C/XE with their own money? I'd say a small market plus they have some convincing to do.

7 September 2017

I see a lot of Giulias in Switzerland.

I also see significant price drops on cars with very low mileage (like 2-3000 miles already dropped 20% of original price).

I drove Quadrifoglio manual and it is fabulous. I could open the boot only from inside the car though and if one reads internet there are LOADS of problems with all Giulias, both QF and 2.0L. Cannot believe Alfa does not learn NOT to release raw product like that. You buy Giulia you take a big gamble. That's not good enough for me, even though I LOVE AR, learned to drive in 164 2.0 TS manual.

24 October 2017

Really interesting comment NoPasaran. One always takes a bit of a risk when buying a brand new car. Frustrating to have to be teh person who has to iron out the faults. best wait a year or two.

8 September 2017

C'mon FCA. What's the point of spending this money on the Giulia/Stelvio platform and screw it up through poor QA and manufacturing.  They are making JLR look like NASA...........

30 September 2017

The new alfa plant is the most modern car factory in the world. Remember Fiat Pioneered the use of robots in car plants. That’s why other cars makers including JLR still buy Fiat  robots. Just do a YouTube search to find out more.

15 September 2017
In its first year of production? That does not feel good. FCA panicking?


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