Currently reading: Opel Manta GSe Elektromod: classic EV will feature digital grille
1970s sports coupé gets the electric treatment, and swaps conventional grille for LED display

Opel, German sister brand to Vauxhall, is gearing up to reveal an electric restomod version of the 1970 Manta A sports coupé on 19 May. 

The Manta EV – officially called the Manta GSe Elektromod – arrives as Vauxhall-Opel embarks on a wide-reaching electrification programme that has already brought the Vauxhall Corsa-e and Mokka-e to dealerships. 

As well as a retro-inspired colour scheme and revamped front end, Opel promises a "fully digital cockpit", suggesting a similar dual-screen set-up to that used in Vauxhall's current production cars. Most prominently, the Manta will feature an LED digital display in place of the brand's conventional 'Vizor' grille, meaning it can show animations and dynamic messages across its front end. 

The project is based on an original Manta A that was part of the brand's heritage collection in Germany. 

The brand said: "With its sustainable, emissions-free electric drive, the Opel Manta now becomes immortal, independent of spares for engine and transmission or potential driving bans for older combustion-engine cars. 

"The transformation to Elektromod also shows how timeless the lines from 1970 are. What was sculptural and straightforward half a century ago still fits perfectly with the Opel design philosophy today."

While further details will be given at the car's unveiling, it is unlikely Opel will voice any intention of putting the Manta EV into production, limited or otherwise.


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Peter Cavellini 20 April 2021

Like a broken Pencil, why don't they work on how to make cars cheaper, or better, more reliable?

jagdavey 20 April 2021

When I was a teenager back in the Eighties, Opel and Vauxhalls were being sold side by side at the same UK dealerships. They were even selling the 1st front wheel drive Kadett and Vauxhall Astra side by side and the only difference was the badge.

MrJ 20 April 2021

Opel and Vauxhall are French-owned these days, but I fail to see why another commenter refers to 'Brexiloons' unless he's a remainer who can't roll with the referendum result of nearly half a decade ago.