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Blue Oval gives go-ahead to low-volume European sales of its Land Rover Defender rival

After two years of speculation following its unveiling, the rugged Ford Bronco 4x4 has been confirmed for a European launch at the end of 2023.

The current Bronco was revealed in July 2020, bringing back the storied nameplate after a 24-year absence and providing Ford with a full-sized 4x4 to rival the Land Rover Defender and Jeep Wrangler in the US. 

So far, the off-roader has not been officially sold in Europe, but now Ford has confirmed plans to bring it across the Atlantic in 'limited numbers' at the end of 2023. More precise allocation details have not been made available yet. 

However, it will be sold in only "selected left-hand drive European markets", meaning a UK allocation is not currently on the cards. Autocar understands that limited sales projections in the UK, Australia and Japan make production of a right-hand-drive variant unviable.

The Bronco is currently available to order in the UK through London-based importer Clive Sutton, priced at £45,000-£85,000 and with a choice of 2.3-litre or 2.7-litre Ecoboost petrol engines. 

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Ford's decision to bring the Bronco to Europe applies only to the full-sized car, not the more lifestyle-oriented Bronco Sport, and while Ford has yet to reveal the variants that will be officially imported, it has not been suggested that the extreme Bronco Raptor will be included. 

However, Ford bosses are understood to be continually evaluating the potential European business case of all US-market models.

The firm has not named any other US-market models that could be imported to Europe but it has recently launched its first hybrid pick-up, the Maverick, stateside - and showed its new F-150 Lightning electric truck at last month's Goodwod Festival of Speed.


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sabre 5 July 2022

It seems a better idea to buy a Bronco rather than the Defender described above as unreliable at any speed. The poor (but rich) guy paid 10000 just for getting it - and its troubles - earlier. The JLR reliability - or the lack of it - is a story of many decades.

jason_recliner 5 July 2022

I'm jealous over here!

Bob Cholmondeley 4 July 2022

I was going to say, who's going to pay £60,000+ for something that looks so crude? Then I remembered the G-Wagen...