Currently reading: New Smart #5 electric SUV packs up to 637bhp
Final design of brand's largest model revealed, along with towering tech specs and dimensions

The new Smart #5 is not just the brand's largest model yet but by far its most powerful, too, putting out more than 600bhp in its most potent guise. 

The new Volkswagen ID 4-rivalling electric crossover was shown in concept form at the Beijing motor show earlier this year, but official specifications remained under wraps. Now the first pictures of the production car have been published by China's ministry of technology, revealing its final design and confirming its key technical specifications.

The headline figure is the 637bhp output of the top-rung dual-motor car, which outpunches the most potent version of the smaller #1 and #3 crossovers by more than 200bhp - and is more, even, than the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N and Kia EV6 GT.

Unlike its performance-focused siblings, though, it doesn't appear to wear Brabus branding. 

Full performance figures haven't been detailed yet, but so equipped, Smart's new SUV is expected to hit 62mph from rest in well under 3.0sec.

There will be a less potent dual-motor option, although still with a lofty 579bhp, as well as a pair of single-motor, rear-driven cars with either 335bhp or 358bhp.

The RWD cars use lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries, while the 4WD models use conventional lithium ion batteries. 

Capacities haven't yet been given, but Smart has already confirmed that the #5 will be available with more than 100kWh of capacity in its longest-range form, and that it will be equipped with an 800V electrical architecture for 10-80% charges in 15 minutes.

Measuring 4705mm long by 1920mm wide and 1705mm tall, the #5 is a close match in size terms for the likes of the new Peugeot 5008, but it will come with five rather than seven seats. 

Design-wise, it stays true to the straight-backed, blocky proportions of the concept, although it swaps that show car's off-road ethos for a more road-focused positioning, sitting lower and with a more overt urban billing. 


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No pictures of the interior have been released, but the concept's digital-heavy, minimalist arrangement is thought to give a strong indication of what the final cabin will look like.

The #5 was previously tipped to land in the UK in 2025, priced from around £35,000, but the imposition of new import tariffs on Chinese-made EVs in the EU raises questions about the car's viability for export.

Smart is 50:50 owned by Mercedes-Benz and Geely and builds its cars in Xi'an.

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Anton motorhead 14 June 2024
Fenixuk you are not alone. I couldn't agree more. Going from 0-62 in 3.3s in my friend's Tesla is sickeningly fast and no fun at all as all you can do is brace for the fierce impact from behind. Instead of silly speeds give us more inexpensive EVs, reasonable range and fast charging.
fenixuk 14 June 2024
I can't be alone in not having the faintest interest in acceleration and power can I?

Absolutely meaningless to me.

Battery size and economy are what I want.

Please don't give me a car that looks like a housebrick.

Give me a slippery shape that does more than 4 miles per kWh.

jason_recliner 14 June 2024

Very nuce - looks like a Kia. And 400+kW is plenty to have a bit of fun :-)