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Big changes under the bonnet for the new Range Rover for 2011

This is the new 2011 Range Rover, which will reach UK showrooms in mid-September.

The new Range Rover, dubbed the 2011 model but on sale later this year, gets the faintest of nose jobs, but there are big changes for the diesel powertrain that most Europeans buy.

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A longer-stroke 4.4-litre V8 diesel replaces the current 3.6, and there’s a new eight-speed ZF paddle-shift auto.

The combination - plus a series of subtle electronic tweaks like a smart-charge alternator - boosts power by 15 per cent and meets the new Euro 5 clean-air standards, slashing fuel consumption by 18.5 per cent and CO2 by 14 per cent. The model now delivers 30.1mpg on the combined cycle, the first time a Range Rover has ever beaten 30mpg.

The four-cam, 32-valve diesel gets a new cast-iron block and adopts parallel sequential turbocharging like the Discovery’s 3.0-litre V6. Power is 309bhp at 3750rpm (a slightly lower specific output than before, to help control NOx) and 9.4 per cent more torque (now 516lb ft at 2000rpm).

The 0-60mph time is trimmed by 1.1sec to 7.5sec, and passing acceleration is even better.

The transmission is now controlled by a Jag-style selector and the Terrain Response system gains hill hold and ‘gradient acceleration control’, which stops the car from running away on slopes, even if you haven’t engaged Hill Descent Control.

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gaelfury 22 June 2010

Re: New Range Rover revealed

As soon as I read 4.4 V8 diesel in last week's Autocar I rushed to the summary page to see what kind of power was available and was highly dissappointed - that as a JLR fan. An increase of 0.8 litres produces only an extra 44Lb/ft???

In the very same magazine is an article about the 4.2 V8 in the Audi A8. 590lb/ft torque. 74lb/ft more. Lighter too being all alloy rather than outdated iron block.

I did not know that the 3.6 V8 was a Ford engine. I have to wonder why JLR are buying this from Ford, I mean if you are going to buy an engine from someone, buy it from someone who makes really good engines, like VAG, BMW, Mercedes and PSA.

I should have known it was a Ford engine once I read "iron block". Their petrol V8's are too and for that reason pale beside the GM LS V8's. Distinctly 1930's technology.No doubt the giveaway to how poor this engine is was in the line about having to back off the power to meet with Euro 5 regs.

The 4.5 diesel from the GL would be fine by me if Audi can't be persuaded to part with their 4.2 V8; given that Mercedes are supplying GL running gear for the Lagonda 4X4, I think its fair to say they at least are open to doing a deal.

One final point - the 3 V6 diesel (formerly 2.7) is a PSA unit - people with a very good track record in building diesel engines. Undoubtedly the petrol V6 is a Ford and I assume the same one that is doubled up to make the Aston V12, you know the so called supercar that sits at the back of the pack for naturally aspirated engine output, nevermind forced induction engines (might be the short term answer though for Aston to go down the FI route rather than source a better engine, but if they are thinking about a new engine and God knows they should be, nothing wrong with the BMW V12 or better stil the Mercedes V12 as appears in the Zonda.)

Sorry for the digression there; my question regarding this Ford V6 is where did this come into the argument? It is not fitted to the Range Rover, it is not even diesel, so who bought this irrelevent engine into the debate about a 4.4 V8 diesel?

VX220EDDIE 19 June 2010

Re: New Range Rover revealed

i dont care what anyone says the range is the king of the 4x4 pack and always will be

hedgecreep 19 June 2010

Re: New Range Rover revealed

i'm not sure which is more distasteful... the fact nickscheele has discarded his alf garnett exterior and revealed himself to be the bigoted loser those of us who've been on the internet longer than a week knew he was all along, or the fact some of the simpler members of this forum believe his `opinions` and sociopathic behaviour can be balanced out by all that technical data he copies and pastes from other web sites.

as someone who has an italian mother and American grandfather i've found his recent prejudiced bullcrap more than just provocative but hey, he did drag and drop the CO2 figures for the cayenne from so that's fine isn't it

ThwartedEfforts wrote:

What, you mean like his prejudice that the Range Rover looks old? Or that Fiats are "Eye-tie crap"? Where's the valid technical data for that?

the mods have already snipped out his racist remark there. shame the less overt but still strikingly anti british, anti Indian, anti Japanese, anti korean, anti American, anti Italian, anti French, etc., pro German gibberish remains.

something stinks round here, or perhaps given this is his eighth or ninth account they just can't be bothered to dish out more bans